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How to Check Lost Ark Server Status?

There are two main ways to check the Lost Ark Server Status:

  • Official server status page: The official Lost Ark Server Status page provides information on the current status of all servers in all regions. You can access it by clicking the following link: Lost Ark Server Status
  • Down Detector: Down Detector is a third-party website that tracks outages and performance issues for various online services, including Lost Ark. You can access it by clicking the following link: Down Detector – Lost Ark

To check the server status using the official server status page, simply visit the website and select the region and server you want to check. The status of the server will be displayed in real time.

To check the server status using Down Detector, simply visit the website and search for “Lost Ark”. The website will display a graph showing the number of outage reports in the past 24 hours. If there are any current issues with the servers, the website will also provide more information.

It is important to note that the official server status page is the most reliable source of information on the current status of the Lost Ark Servers. However, Down Detector can be a useful tool for getting a quick overview of any potential issues.

Is Lost Ark Server Down?

The status of Lost Ark Servers can vary based on numerous factors such as maintenance schedules, sudden influx of players, or unexpected technical issues. If you’re experiencing difficulties accessing the game, it’s possible that the servers might be down.

As of this writing, no widespread server downtimes have been reported. However, it’s always a good idea to check the official server status page or their social media channels for the latest updates. Remember that downtimes might be scheduled for periodic maintenance or to implement new updates.

Is Lost Ark Server Down?

Can I Change Lost Ark Server?

Players can choose which Lost Ark Server to play on during their initial game setup. However, after setting up your character on a particular server, migrating to another can be a bit challenging.

It’s essential to choose a server wisely based on your location and the server’s current player population to ensure optimal gameplay experience. If you wish to change servers after setting up, you may need to start anew or wait for any server transfer features that the game might introduce in the future.

Most Common Lost Ark Server Issues

Lost Ark, like any other online game, can face several server-related issues. Some of the most common issues include:

  • High Queue Times: Due to a significant player population, sometimes players might face long queue times before accessing the game.
  • Unexpected Downtimes: Servers can sometimes crash or face unexpected downtimes due to technical glitches or issues.
  • Lag or High Latency: Players might experience lag or high latency based on their connection or if the server is experiencing high traffic.
  • Maintenance Schedules: Periodic maintenance can lead to planned downtimes, affecting the gameplay experience.

To improve your connection to the servers, ensure you have a stable internet connection, consider using wired connections over wireless, and close any background applications that might be using up bandwidth.

Most Common Lost Ark Server Issues


Lost Ark offers an immersive MMORPG experience, but like any online game, server-related issues can sometimes hamper the gameplay. It’s essential to keep yourself updated about the Lost Ark Server Status, especially during peak gameplay hours.

Regularly checking the official server status page and following their social media channels can help you stay ahead of any server-related problems. Remember, a good connection and choosing the right server based on your location can significantly enhance your Lost Ark experience.


How often does Lost Ark undergo maintenance?

Maintenance schedules can vary, but typically, Lost Ark undergoes periodic maintenance to implement updates or fixes. Major updates may require more extended downtimes, while minor fixes can be done within short intervals.

What should I do if I experience high latency in the game?

Ensure your internet connection is stable, consider using a wired connection, and close background applications that might be consuming bandwidth. Additionally, playing during non-peak hours and using a gaming VPN can also reduce latency.

Can I transfer my character to another server?

As of now, once you set up your character on a server, changing servers can be challenging. You might need to start from scratch or wait for any future server transfer options. The game developers have hinted at introducing server transfers, but there’s no definite timeline yet.

How do I report server issues to the game’s development team?

You can report server issues through the game’s official website, support ticket system, or the game’s community forums. Providing detailed information about your issue can help the development team address it more efficiently.

Are there any third-party tools to check Lost Ark Server Status?

Yes, there are several community-driven websites and tools that track the status of Lost Ark Servers. However, always refer to the official sources first as they are the most accurate.

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