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Resident Evil Resistance Cross platform

Is Resident Evil Resistance Cross Platform?

Resident Evil Resistance, a survival horror multiplayer game, does not currently support cross-platform play. The term “cross-platform” is used to describe games that allow players from different gaming systems like PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC to team up or face off in the same game sessions.

For Resident Evil Resistance, however, players must be on the same platform to join each other’s sessions.

Resident Evil Resistance Crossplay Release Date

As of 2023, Capcom has not released a crossplay feature for Resident Evil Resistance. While gamers are always excited for such features to enhance their multiplayer experience, there’s no official word yet about a potential crossplay release date.

Resident Evil Resistance Crossplay Release Date

Why is Resident Evil Resistance not Cross-Playable/Platform?

Games like Resident Evil Resistance that rely heavily on player coordination and strategy might encounter specific challenges with cross-platform play:

  1. Communication: Seamless communication is pivotal for coordinating strategies, especially when taking on the game’s antagonist, the Mastermind. Creating unified communication tools across platforms can be a monumental task.
  2. Level Playing Field: To ensure fairness, developers might choose to keep platforms separate. This is to avoid any discrepancies between control responsiveness, graphics quality, or potential advantages one platform may have over another.

Resident Evil Resistance Crossplay; What Are The Chances?

With the gaming industry moving toward more inclusive multiplayer experiences, many games have begun to embrace crossplay. Should Capcom perceive a significant demand from their player base for such a feature, it may influence their decision. But until then, it remains a hopeful wish for the game’s community.

Resident Evil Resistance Crossplay

Resident Evil Resistance Crossplay Rumors

The gaming community is rife with rumors, and Resident Evil Resistance is no exception. While some believe that Capcom might introduce crossplay, it’s essential to remember that these are speculations and not grounded in official announcements.

Is Resident Evil Resistance cross-progression?

Many players appreciate the ability to transfer game progress across different platforms. Unfortunately, Resident Evil Resistance does not support cross-progression, meaning your achievements and game data remain locked to your original platform.

Resident Evil Resistance cross-progression

Is Resident Evil Resistance Cross-Generation?

Good news for those upgrading their consoles: while the game doesn’t support cross-platform play, it does support cross-generation. This ensures that players on PlayStation 4, for instance, can still join sessions with those on PlayStation 5, as long as they’re within the same ecosystem.

Is Split Screen Possible On Resident Evil Resistance?

Local split-screen has been a beloved feature in many games. However, Resident Evil Resistance, with its emphasis on online multiplayer engagement, does not cater to local split-screen gameplay. The game encourages players to dive into its online universe and collaborate with friends and other players globally.

Split Screen Possible On Resident Evil Resistance


Resident Evil Resistance might not offer the cross-platform experience many desire, but it certainly delivers thrilling multiplayer horror that will keep players on the edge of their seats. For any updates on crossplay or additional features, it’s always best to follow Capcom’s official channels.


1. Is Resident Evil Resistance available for crossplay?

No, the game does not currently support cross-platform play.

2. Can I play with friends on different platforms?

No, players can only play with others on the same platform.

3. Will Capcom introduce Cross Play for Resident Evil Resistance?

There have been no official announcements from Capcom regarding this as of 2023.

4. Is there cross-progression in Resident Evil Resistance?

No, game progress is platform-specific and cannot be transferred.

5. Can I play the game across different console generations?

Yes, but only within the same ecosystem (e.g., PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5).

6. Does Resident Evil Resistance support local split-screen gameplay?

No, the game is designed primarily for online multiplayer.

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