Is Elder Scrolls Online Cross Platform or not?

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Is Elder Scrolls Online Cross Platform?

As of 2023, Elder Scrolls Online remains platform-specific. This means PC, Mac, and Stadia players can’t play together. Such separation limits collaborative play, making it difficult for friends and family with different gaming devices to engage in shared adventures.

Elder Scrolls Online Crossplay Release Date

Unfortunately, ZeniMax Online Studios has not provided any official statement or release date regarding the crossplay feature for Elder Scrolls Online. While optimistic about the feature, players must continue enjoying the game with peers on the same platform.

Elder Scrolls Online Cross Platform

Why is Elder Scrolls Online not Cross-Playable/Platform?

Multiple challenges are preventing Elder Scrolls Online from becoming cross-platform:

  • Technical limitations: Integrating platforms involves accommodating various hardware and software constraints, which can be difficult for a massive game like ESO.
  • Business considerations: Beyond technicalities, there are financial and marketing considerations. Platform-specific partnerships and exclusives can also influence cross-platform decisions.
  • Player Experience: Ensuring a balanced and fair gameplay experience across platforms can be challenging. Different platforms might offer different advantages or disadvantages that need to be harmonized.

Elder Scrolls Online Crossplay: What Are The Chances?

The increasing demand for crossplay and evolving technology paints a hopeful picture. Though the final decision rests with the game developers and their strategic direction, community interest can significantly shape future updates.

Elder Scrolls Online not Cross-Playable Platform

Elder Scrolls Online Crossplay Rumors

The gaming world thrives on speculation. Over the past years, many rumors suggested that ESO might embrace crossplay. However, until ZeniMax Online Studios makes an official announcement, it’s essential to rely on trusted sources and avoid unfounded claims.

Is Elder Scrolls Online Cross-Progression?

Currently, there is no cross-progression in ESO. Players who wish to switch between platforms need to start their journey anew, which can be daunting for those heavily invested in the game.

Elder Scrolls Online Crossplay Rumors

Is Elder Scrolls Online Cross-Generation?

Elder Scrolls Online provides some relief with cross-generation gameplay. Players on older consoles like the PlayStation 4 can seamlessly play with those on newer iterations such as the PlayStation 5, ensuring that hardware upgrades don’t hinder the gaming experience.

Is Split Screen Possible On Elder Scrolls Online?

ESO is tailored for individual screen experiences, given its MMO nature. Players who prefer shared or split-screen gaming might need to look elsewhere.


Elder Scrolls Online, with its vast open world and intricate mechanics, offers a unique multiplayer experience on each platform. The community’s hope for cross-platform and cross-progression remains alive. Until then, Tamriel awaits players on their respective devices.


Is Elder Scrolls Online cross-platform?

No, as of 2023, it’s not.

Can I play with my friends on different platforms?

No, players need to be on the same platform.

Is there any official statement about crossplay in the future?

No statement has been made yet.

Does ESO support cross-progression?

No, progress is limited to the platform you play on.

Is there a split-screen in Elder Scrolls Online?

No, split-screen is not available.

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