Is Dragon Ball Xenoverse Cross Platform or not?

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Is Dragon Ball Xenoverse Cross platform

Is Dragon Ball Xenoverse Cross Platform?

No, Dragon Ball Xenoverse is not cross-platform. This means that players on platforms such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC cannot play together.

Cross-platform play, which allows users from different platforms to interact and play together, is not supported in Dragon Ball Xenoverse.

Why is Dragon Ball Xenoverse not Cross-Platform?

There are several reasons why Dragon Ball Xenoverse isn’t cross-platform:

  1. Technical limitations: Creating a game that works seamlessly across multiple platforms can be challenging. Especially for graphic-intensive games like Dragon Ball Xenoverse, it requires significant optimization to ensure a consistent gaming experience.
  2. Licensing issues: To make a game cross-platform, developers need permissions from every platform’s publisher, which can be a lengthy and costly affair.
  3. Marketing reasons: Sometimes, developers might choose not to offer cross-platform play to increase sales on a particular platform or because of exclusivity deals with specific console manufacturers.

Why is Dragon Ball Xenoverse not Cross-Platform

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Crossplay Rumors

While Dragon Ball Xenoverse isn’t cross-platform, there have been rumors about potential crossplay features in future releases or updates. However, as of now, no official announcement has been made by the developers.

Crossplay Dragon Ball Xenoverse Release Date

As of 2023, there is no official release date for a crossplay version of Dragon Ball Xenoverse. Players should stay updated with the official channels or trusted gaming news sources for any changes in this status.

Crossplay Dragon Ball Xenoverse Release Date [if applicable]

Is Dragon Ball Xenoverse cross-progression?

Dragon Ball Xenoverse does not currently support cross-progression. This means that players cannot maintain their game progress if they switch between different platforms.

Is Dragon Ball Xenoverse Cross-Generation?

Dragon Ball Xenoverse allows players to transfer some of their data between different generations of the same console family, for example, from PS4 to PS5. However, complete cross-generation support, including playing together, is not available.

Is Dragon Ball Xenoverse Cross-Generation

Is Split Screen Possible On Dragon Ball Xenoverse?

Dragon Ball Xenoverse does offer split-screen multiplayer on the same platform. This allows two players to play together on the same device. However, this is limited to local co-op and does not extend to online multiplayer.


While Dragon Ball Xenoverse provides an immersive gaming experience, it currently lacks cross-platform play. This can be attributed to technical, licensing, and marketing challenges.

However, the game does offer other features such as split-screen multiplayer and limited cross-generation support.

Players hoping for crossplay in Dragon Ball Xenoverse should keep an eye on official announcements and updates.


Is Dragon Ball Xenoverse cross-platform?

No, it isn’t.

Why doesn’t Dragon Ball Xenoverse support cross-platform play?

Technical limitations, licensing issues, and marketing decisions are the primary reasons.

Can I play Dragon Ball Xenoverse with friends on different platforms?

You can use third-party services, modded clients, or a LAN connection, but these have their own set of challenges and limitations.

Is there any official announcement about Dragon Ball Xenoverse becoming cross-platform?

No, as of 2023, there hasn’t been any official statement regarding this.

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