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Is Destiny Cross-Platform

Is destiny Cross Platform?

Indeed, as of 2023, Destiny 2 is cross-platform, and it has significantly impacted how players interact. With cross-platform play, Destiny 2 now allows players from various platforms to team up in a singular game environment.

This feature is available between PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

The introduction of this functionality has not only diversified gameplay but also made it more inclusive, fostering a unified and extensive community of players across the globe.

Destiny Crossplay Release Date

Destiny 2’s crossplay was introduced as a part of the game’s substantial updates over the recent years. This addition marked a pivotal moment for the Destiny 2 community.

Before this, players were confined to their specific platforms, which made it difficult to play with friends who owned different gaming systems.

The crossplay feature broke down these barriers, giving gamers more opportunities to connect and making the Destiny universe more accessible to a broader audience.

Destiny Crossplay Release Date

Is Split Screen Possible in Destiny?

Unfortunately, Destiny 2 doesn’t support split-screen functionalities. While the game is primarily built for online multiplayer interactions, it lacks the local co-op features seen in older or more traditional video games.

Many modern online multiplayer games have moved away from split-screen, citing reasons ranging from the complications in rendering modern graphics to the logistical aspects of game design.

Destiny Crossplay Between PC, PS, and Xbox

With Destiny 2’s crossplay feature, players on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox can now team up for missions, raids, and PvP matches.

This feature is essential for balancing the ecosystem within the game, as it ensures a more diverse skill range and gaming styles.

The game automatically adjusts the matchmaking algorithm to account for the advantages and disadvantages that come with each platform, creating a more balanced and fun experience for everyone involved.

Destiny Crossplay Between PC, PS, and Xbox

Destiny Crossplay Between Xbox and PS

One of the major feats accomplished by Destiny 2’s crossplay is the linking between Xbox and PlayStation players.

Historically, these platforms have stood as separate silos in the gaming community, rarely interacting due to business competition and technological constraints.

With the integration of crossplay, these limitations are shattered, leading to a more united gaming environment.

Destiny Crossplay Between Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S

Within the Xbox brand, Destiny 2 supports cross-generational play. Players on older Xbox One consoles can seamlessly engage with those who have upgraded to the Xbox Series X/S.

This feature helps in maintaining a vibrant and active community, regardless of the hardware they are using.

Destiny Crossplay Between Xbox One and Xbox Series XS

Destiny Crossplay Between PS4 and PS5

In a similar vein, the game allows PlayStation users to bridge the generational divide. Players using PS4 can easily team up with PS5 users.

This cross-generational play encourages continued engagement, ensuring that players aren’t forced to upgrade to keep playing with their friends.

Is Destiny Cross-Generation?

Yes, Destiny 2 does indeed support cross-generational gameplay. This feature is essential for those who are on older console versions but still want to stay competitive and involved in the Destiny 2 community.

It creates a more inclusive experience, as gamers from different generations of PlayStation and Xbox consoles can play together.

Is Destiny Cross-Generation

Is Destiny Cross-Progression?

In addition to being cross-platform, Destiny 2 also offers cross-progression capabilities. Players can switch between platforms without losing any of their progress, including characters, weapons, gear, and achievements.

This cross-progression feature is particularly useful for those who may switch between console and PC play or own multiple platforms.


Destiny 2 has taken significant strides to make the game as accessible as possible through its cross-platform, cross-generational, and cross-progression features.

These functionalities have changed the gaming landscape, reducing barriers and fostering a sense of community among players from different platforms.

As technology continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how Destiny 2 and other games adapt to make multiplayer gaming an increasingly inclusive and engaging experience.


Is Destiny 2 cross-platform?

Yes, Destiny 2 allows cross-platform gameplay between PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

What are the benefits of cross-play in Destiny 2?

Cross-play brings in a multitude of advantages such as easier matchmaking and the ability to team up with friends irrespective of the gaming platform they are on.

Do I need to enable cross-play in Destiny 2?

No, the cross-play feature is enabled by default in Destiny 2, making it convenient for players.

Is Destiny 2 cross-progression?

Yes, your progress, including gear and achievements, can be transferred between different platforms.

Can I play Destiny 2 with friends on older consoles?

Yes, Destiny 2 supports cross-generational play, allowing you to team up with friends regardless of whether they are on newer or older hardware.

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