Is Destiny 2 Cross Platform or not?

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    Is Destiny 2 Cross Platform

    Is Destiny 2 Cross Platform?

    Yes, as of 2023, Destiny 2 has embraced cross-platform gameplay. This groundbreaking feature ensures that players from different platforms, including PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, can unite in the Destiny universe.

    This pivotal move has not only promoted a sense of unity among gamers but has also expanded the scope of in-game interactions, making the player base more diverse than ever.

    Destiny 2 Crossplay Release Date

    Destiny 2, despite its soaring popularity post-launch, didn’t initially support cross-play. The feature came in later, mirroring the increasing demand and appreciation of cross-platform gameplay in the gaming industry.

    Bungie, the creative force behind Destiny 2, rolled out this significant update after rigorous testing to ensure a flawless gameplay experience for all players, irrespective of their platform.

    Destiny 2 Crossplay Release Date

    Is Split Screen Possible On Destiny 2?

    Unfortunately, Destiny 2 does not offer split-screen gameplay. Gamers wishing to join forces in the Destiny universe must each possess their own gaming system and copy of the game.

    The choice to exclude split-screen comes from the game’s intense focus on delivering a rich online multiplayer experience combined with intricate graphics that might suffer in a split-screen mode.

    Destiny 2 Crossplay between PC, PS, and Xbox

    Destiny 2’s crossplay spans the major gaming platforms: PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. This inclusive feature ensures players from these platforms can collaborate for various missions, raids, and PvP challenges.

    To benefit from this, it’s vital for players to sync their Bungie account across all platforms and activate the cross-play option within the in-game settings.

    Destiny 2 Crossplay between PC, PS, and Xbox

    Destiny 2 Crossplay between Xbox and PS

    Destiny 2’s cross-play has broken the long-standing wall between Xbox and PlayStation gamers. This newfound unity means players from these traditionally rival platforms can team up or compete, fostering a more inclusive and vibrant gaming community.

    Destiny 2 Crossplay between Xbox One And Xbox Series X/S

    Bridging the gap between console generations, Destiny 2’s crossplay ensures smooth gameplay between Xbox One and the newer Xbox Series X/S players. This feature guarantees that players can seamlessly collaborate and experience the game, regardless of their console model.

    Destiny 2 Crossplay between Xbox One And Xbox Series XS

    Destiny 2 Crossplay between PS4 and PS5

    Just as with the Xbox ecosystem, Destiny 2 offers flawless crossplay between PS4 and PS5 players. No PlayStation gamer is left behind, ensuring a united and expansive player base.

    Is Destiny 2 Cross-Generation?

    Absolutely! Destiny 2 is forward-thinking in its approach, allowing cross-generation gameplay. So, whether you’re on the earlier PS4 or Xbox One or have upgraded to the newer PS5 or Xbox Series X/S, your gaming sessions remain uninterrupted and more thrilling.

    Is Destiny 2 Cross-Generation

    Is Destiny 2 Cross-Progression?

    Beyond crossplay, Destiny 2 also supports cross-progression. This vital feature means players aren’t bound to one platform. You can transition between platforms and still retain your game progress, character evolution, and any in-game acquisitions, all by logging into your unified Bungie account.


    The introduction of cross-play, cross-progression, and cross-generation in Destiny 2 solidifies its position as a modern and inclusive game. Bungie’s focus on reducing platform boundaries and ensuring a unified gaming environment has truly set Destiny 2 apart.

    The ability to engage with friends across platforms or transition between console generations has provided players with a gaming experience that’s both cohesive and unparalleled.


    Is Destiny 2 cross-platform?

    Yes, Destiny 2 supports cross-platform gameplay among PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

    How do I enable cross-play in Destiny 2?

    Access your Bungie account across all desired platforms and activate the cross-play option within Destiny 2’s settings.

    What are the benefits of cross-play in Destiny 2?

    Cross-play diversifies the player base, allowing for richer interactions, competitions, and collaborations without platform limitations.

    Does Destiny 2 support cross-progression?

    Yes, with cross-progression, players can shift between platforms while retaining all their in-game achievements and progress.

    Is Destiny 2 cross-generation compatible?

    Absolutely! Destiny 2 players can play together, irrespective of whether they’re on older or newer console generations.

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