Intelligence weapons in Elden Ring are potent tools for those who wish to harness the power of arcane arts.

    This comprehensive guide will walk you through the best intelligence weapons available in the game, their locations, and tips for using them effectively.

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    Introduction to Intelligence Weapons

    Intelligence weapons in Elden Ring are tailored to cater to players who focus on Intelligence as their primary stat.

    These weapons typically scale with Intelligence and are designed to be used with sorceries and other magical abilities.

    Understanding which weapons best suit your play style and build will significantly enhance your experience in Elden Ring.

    List of Intelligence Weapons

    Based on the information gathered from various sources, including Reddit and Elden Ring wiki, here is a list of weapons that scale with Intelligence:

    Straight Swords:

    Crystal Sword (D)


    Carian Knight’s Sword (D)


    Lazuli Glinstone Sword (D)


    Sword of Night and Flame (D) (also needs Faith)


    Sword of St. Trina (E)


    Rotten Crystal Sword (D)



    Rosus’s Axe (D)



    Moonveil Katana


    Meteor Ore Katana



    Royal Greatsword


    Ruins Greatsword


    Onyx Lord’s Greatsword


    Starscourge Greatsword



    Death Ritual Spear


    Curved Swords:

    Falling star Beast Jaw



    Meteorite Staff


    Azur’s Flintstone Staff


    Lusat’s Flintstone Staff


    Carian Regal Scepter


    Scepter of the All-knowing


    Other Weapons:

    Flintstone Kris (Dagger)


    Crystal Knife (Dagger)


    Death’s Poker (Dagger)


    Horn Bow (Bow)


    Dark Moon Greatsword (Ultra Greatsword)


    Loretta’s War Sickle (Halberd)


    Please note that the letter in parentheses represents the base Intelligence scaling level of the weapon.

    Locations to Find Intelligence Weapons

    Many intelligence weapons can be found scattered throughout the world of Elden Ring, with some specific areas being more rewarding for those seeking arcane armaments.

    Below are some key locations where intelligence weapons can be obtained:

    Raya Lucaria

    A significant number of intelligence weapons can be found in this area.

    Rya Lucaria

    Carian Manor

    Several intelligence weapons can be acquired by exploring this location.

    Carian Manor

    Quest Lines

    Following specific quest lines may lead you through zones containing a majority of intelligence weapons

    Quest Lines

    For example, some early somber stone weapons can be found in the following locations:

    • Moonveil Katana: Defeat a formidable enemy, which can be cheesed if needed.
    • Meteor Ore Katana: Ride and snatch the weapon in a specific area.
    • Sword of Night & Flame: Run and grab the gun from a particular location.
    • Carian Knight Sword: Run and grab the gun down in another spot.

    Remember that early somber stone weapons are easier to upgrade early in the game, making them an excellent choice for starting players.

    Elden Ring Intelligence Builds

    Elden Ring Intelligence Builds

    Creating a build focusing on Intelligence in Elden Ring can be incredibly rewarding. Here are some popular Intelligence build suggestions:

    • Mage Build (Beginner): Focus on learning and mastering basic sorceries using Intelligence-scaling weapons.
    • Sword Sage Build (Level 50): Blend melee combat using powerful sorceries.
    • Battle Mage Build (Level 100): Achieve a balance between melee prowess and devastating magical abilities.
    • Dark Knight Build (Level 150): Harness the power of dark magic in combination with heavy weaponry.
    • Frost Knight Build (Level 100): Utilize frost-based spells and weapons to debilitate and defeat enemies.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the best Intelligence weapons in Elden Ring?

    The best Intelligence weapons will vary depending on your play style and build. However, popular choices include the Moonveil Katana, Sword of Night and Flame, Rosus’s Axe, and Crystal Sword.

    How do I increase my Intelligence in Elden Ring?

    Intelligence can be increased by spending Souls at the level-up screen. Prioritize investing points in Intelligence to improve your character’s magical prowess and weapon scaling.

    Which areas should I explore for Intelligence weapons in Elden Ring?

    Key locations to explore for Intelligence weapons include Raya Lucaria, Carian Manor, and various quest lines. Explore these areas thoroughly to find hidden treasures and powerful weapons.

    Are Intelligence builds viable for beginners in Elden Ring?

    Yes, Intelligence builds are viable for beginners. Starting with a Mage build, players can learn the fundamentals of sorcery and grow more powerful as they progress through the game.

    Combining Intelligence weapons and sorceries will make for a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

    Can I use Intelligence weapons effectively without investing in Intelligence?

    While it is possible to use Intelligence weapons without heavily investing in the state, doing so will limit its potential. Scaling becomes more effective as you invest more points in Intelligence, increasing damage output.

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