Unleashing the power of dual wielding in Elden Ring can dramatically transform your gaming experience. Dominating the battlefield is much more thrilling when you’re armed with two weapons, striking fear into the hearts of your enemies.

    This comprehensive guide will explain how to dual wield in Elden Ring, from the basics to the advanced tactics.

    The Basics: Understanding Dual Wielding in Elden Ring

    Dual wielding involves handling two weapons simultaneously – one in each hand. It is a versatile strategy that can be employed for various weapon types, making your character more agile and dangerous on the battlefield.

    In Elden Ring, dual wielding is more nuanced than just holding two weapons simultaneously. It requires understanding weapon classes and compatibility, meeting the stat requirements, and mastering the timing of attacks.

    Choosing the Right Weapons

    The first step to dual wielding in Elden Ring is selecting the right weapons. Remember, not all guns are created equal; some combinations work better than others.

    You can dual-wield any weapons, provided they belong to the same class. If you feel particularly adventurous, you can dual-wield two curved swords, two daggers, or even two great hammers.

    However, katanas and curved swords are the most popular due to their speed and high DPS (damage per second).

    Meeting Stat Requirements

    Dual wielding in Elden Ring requires you to meet the stat requirements of both weapons. However, the good news is that when you dual-wield weapons, it negates the whole strength requirement.

    This means you can effectively use weapons that might otherwise be too heavy for your character.

    Advanced Dual Wielding: Mastering the Power Stance

    Once you’ve got the basics of dual wielding, it’s time to step up your game and learn about the power stance. This particular combat stance allows you to perform unique moves and combos when dual wielding.

    What’s Power Stance?

    Power stance is a unique combat mode in Elden Ring that significantly enhances your dual-wielding capabilities. When you enter a power stance, your character stands wider and holds the weapons differently, ready to deliver a devastating attack.

    How to Enter Power Stance

    Hold down the weapon switch button to enter the power stance in Elden Ring. This will change your character’s stance, indicating that you’re now in a power stance. This stance allows you to perform dual-wielding attacks that are much more powerful than standard attacks.

    Unleashing the Power: Top Dual-Wielding Combinations

    Dual Twin BladesDual Twin Blades

    This combination, paired with twin-blade talismans, can be devastating. Equip the Seppuku spell on the left hand and the Bloodhound Step on the right, and make both weapons blood affinity. This combo can be quite powerful once you get the timing down.

    Dual GreathammersDual Greathammers

    For a more brutal approach, try dual-wielding greathammers. This combination is particularly effective in PVP due to its range. And let’s not forget the satisfaction of flattening everything with jumping attacks.

    Dual Golden HalberdsDual Golden Halberds

    The dual golden halberds are another excellent choice, providing range and speed. This combo lets you quickly close the distance with your enemies and deliver powerful blows.

    FAQs on How to Dual Wield in Elden Ring

    How do I know if my weapons are the same type for dual wielding in Elden Ring?

    Each weapon in Elden Ring belongs to a specific class, such as swords, daggers, or hammers. You can check the weapon class in the inventory screen. Only weapons of the same class can be dual-wielded together.

    Can I dual-wield in Elden Ring without meeting the strength requirement?

    Yes, dual wielding negates the strength requirement for weapons. This means you can dual-wield weapons that you wouldn’t typically be able to use due to their high strength requirement.

    Why should I dual-wield in Elden Ring?

    Dual wielding in Elden Ring allows you to deal more damage, have increased attack speed, and access unique attack combos through the power stance.

    It can also make your character more versatile, as you can switch between different attack styles without changing weapons.

    What are the drawbacks of dual wielding in Elden Ring?

    While dual wielding offers many advantages, it also has some downsides. It can be challenging to master, as you need to get the timing of your attacks right. Also, dual wielding doesn’t allow as much defense as using a shield or two-handing a single weapon.

    Conclusion: Embrace the Power of Dual Wielding

    Learning how to dual wield in Elden Ring opens up a new world of combat possibilities. It allows for a more aggressive playstyle, letting you deal more damage and execute unique attack combos.

    However, mastering dual wielding requires practice and understanding the game mechanics. So, grab your weapons, step into the world of Elden Ring, and let the dual-wielding journey begin!

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