To stay afloat in the modern digital environment, a business must be present everywhere and use all possible communication. It has to provide multichannel opportunities for interaction with the target audience. And mobile applications rank the first in the list of such instruments. In the age of smartphones, a mobile app turns into a powerful business and marketing tool. This approach works especially well for small and medium-sized companies, for example, a beauty salon or a barbershop.

The app for barbers will not automate the everyday operations of the salon but will also bring more profits. How and why does it happen?


  • Sales increase and audience growth


Barbershop software is using push notifications about promotions, discounts and bonuses. This approach motivates customers to buy your services. And it can be a significant increase, depending on how large the potential audience. You directly reach all users who have installed your application. Every new user who installs your mobile application enters your information space. You can introduce a bonus system to increase the number of installations and general coverage.


  • Customer loyalty increase


Customers like attention. The barbershop booking software allows your customers to choose the appointment time and date online. Moreover, you can integrate loyalty programs into the application and make your customers be the first to learn about various promotions, discounts, and bonuses. This way, your barbershop gets a powerful tool to increase loyalty. 


  • Source of valuable analytics


The properly-organized financial statistic is the key to the success of the whole business. Thanks to the financial module, a management system for barbers saves up to 90% of the time when generating reports. It will provide a clear picture of the profitability of employees, customer loyalty, what services are most popular in your salon, and what profit each of them brings.

Ready-to-use solutions

Many barbershop owners hesitate and postpone the application implementation, mistakenly thinking it involves high costs. Partially they are right as the development of an application from scratch is a time-taking and expensive process. But there are decent alternatives. You can select a ready-to-use barbershop appointment software product and customize it to your needs. It incorporates all must-have features for your Barbershop business to match your needs as a business owner, your masters and customers. 

Web Portal for the Business Owner

The application is a way to get a better-managed business with fever efforts. The owner will be able to:

  • track staff performance;
  • manage workloads;
  • get financial reports;
  • introduce a customer loyalty system;

The application allows dealing with business routine on the go. You will have access to your barbershop from any location.

App for Staff

The program is aimed to make a busy day of each master even more productive. With its help, the barbers can:

  • Develop a personal working schedule with all the amendments being instantly updated online;
  • Create a client database;
  • Create a personal portfolio;

The automated schedule feature will help to make the workflow evenly distributed.

Panel for Customers

Nowadays, everybody selects the convenience of use. The application will allow your customers to do the following in just a few clicks:

  • Learn about services and prices;
  • Book, reschedule, or cancel the appointment;
  • Receive reminders and promotion notifications;

It is high time to select the best ready-to-use barbershop software for your business and give it more chances to grow.

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