Every online casino has one thing in common: signup bonus. It’s often the first thing we see on their site. It’s also the first thing players look at before they even start browsing through the games. While it’s not the deciding factor in creating an account, a good type of bonus is very important.

These bonuses serve as incentives for you to play with them. They are the freebies you get when you become a member. Membership means making your first deposit to play. That said, you will almost always find these offers super attractive. The design is to entice you to sign up for that effortless profit.

There are many different types of online casino bonus offers, each with its own terms and benefits. Knowing how they work can help you make better decision choosing the right casino. We will explain to you what these offers are and how to use them to your advantage.

Different Bonuses

The most popular bonuses are the ones that seem too good to be true. The fact is, they are not. What you see is 100% of what you get. 

For example, there is something called a Deposit Bonus. The casino with this offer is willing to give you a percentage of your deposit for free. It can range between 50% to the entire amount of your betting money. Some even go as high as 300% of whatever you’re putting in.

So, for every dollar you commit, the house proposes to grant you 50 cents to 3 dollars. There are several others that you want to look for:

  • Signup – some casinos offer you a fixed amount of money for creating an account. These are small sums of credit that you can use to start playing right away. It’s real cash, and you don’t have to commit any of your own to get it.
  • Free Spin – rising in popularity, this bonus gives you some hands-on experiment to the casino games. While you don’t get any credits, you get to spin the slots or play a hand for free.
  • Reload – like Deposit Bonus; this offers to match a percentage of your money every time you top up. Some casinos only give you free credit at your initial deposit. With this, you’d get extra cash whenever you put some in.
  • Cashback – this one is more like insurance. The house with this offer wants to make sure you get some of your lost money back. They realize that everyone gets a bad run sometimes and would like to compensate their players.

How They Work

Most new players often find themselves skeptical of all the online casino bonuses. As they should – getting double the amount of your money for free seems incredible. It’s not about how good they sound, but rather why they are that good. To peer through the curtain, we must understand the mechanics behind these offers.

You need to meet very specific terms to collect the most common casino bonuses. They vary depending on the site, but not by much. One thing you’ll always encounter is difficult clearance. Before you can withdraw the bonus you’ve received, you have to “clear” it.

To make the free cash available for withdrawal, there are a few steps you have to take. The procedure is different for each type of bonus. For every single one, though, you must do one thing: bet with real money.

Wagering Requirements

All online casino bonuses come with a set of rules. They determine how much actual betting you would have to do before you can cash out. This amount is often a multiplier of your bonus plus deposit. The bigger the bonus, the higher the multiplier.

If we were to get the Deposit Bonus at 100% of our money, for example with $100, we’d have $200 in our account. Now, the average multiplier ranges from 15 to 50 times the combined bonus and deposit. Let’s say the casino set it at 20. We would have to play 20 times the $200 we have ($4000) before we can withdraw the “free” $100.

Not all casino games count 100% of your bets toward the wagering requirements. Some table games only give 50% of it into the clearance amount. For example, if you spend $50 on Blackjack, only $25 of it would go into the $4000.

Other Things to Consider

So, how are we supposed to spend $4000 with only 200 bucks to our name? By winning, of course. If you manage to spin your luck into a small fortune, you deserve the bonus. Good thing, it works both ways. So, if you happen to lose $4000 instead, you’d still get that tantalizing 100 dollars.

Making The Most Out Of It

Online casino bonuses can seem difficult to earn, but you can mitigate that by choosing the right one. Some of them can be beneficial in long term play. Take the Free Spin, for example. Say, you get 20 spins on the house and manage to win $1000. Now, you need to deposit and bet $20,000 to collect that winning. If you put in $1000 and set your bet limit to only what you’ve won, you’d be playing for free.

Are They Worth It?

To conclude what we’ve learned so far, an online casino bonus is not easy money. It’s a way for gambling sites to make you spend more by giving you little. At a glance, it may seem like a rip-off as there are so many restrictions. You’d either be swimming in cash to care or knee-deep in trouble for the bonus to matter.

They aren’t as daunting as they seem, though. Most players focus too much on winning and what they have to earn to get it. This type of thinking distracts them from making good decisions and having fun. 

Try to put the perspective in reverse, and you’d get a whole different picture. You cash in for $100 and receive a $100 sign-on credit, then manage to lose it all. You will feel like having lost $200, but, in reality, you’ve spent 100 bucks for double the gameplay.

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