Contrary to common belief, online gaming is a sport with an E-Sports League (ESL) that offers the needed regulation. Online gaming has existed for decades, and most people view it as a recreational activity. The e-sports side of it is like many other league-driven competitions. 

There are stipulations that players must follow, and the competition gets managed so that it is fair for all. Though it does not involve physical exertion, it does require mental acuity. Players must be at their best because pressing the wrong stroke or taking the wrong action could result in a loss. Can CBD gummies improve the performance of these online athletes? 

Is CBD Legal in the E-Sports League?

The legal standing of CBD is an important thing to consider in any competition. Unlike in the past, when getting such information was hard, technology and online engagement have made everything simple these days. For instance, you can search for Indica CBD gummies variants through a search engine without visiting your local dispensary. In the same manner, athletes can look up which leagues allow cannabinoids and which ones are not allowed. 

Like other sports leagues, the ESL has a ban on marijuana products. The rules here are a bit lenient because the ban only applies to tournaments. Previous use that does not reflect influence during tournaments is not illegal. They conduct tests to ensure that players do not have THC levels past the threshold limit. 

Also, similar to other leagues, they have non-prohibition status on hemp-derived substances. This non-prohibition applies even to CBD, a major ingredient in hemp plants. This legal status of cannabidiol in the various leagues is due to the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill. The Bill allows farmers to grow and sell hemp products within the US legally. 

The bill’s passing impacted changes in various sectors, including selling and purchasing CBD-infused commodities. It also influenced WADA’s change of CBD from a prohibited substance to a non-prohibited compound. As a result, gamers and athletes of all kinds can use it without getting banned from competitions. 

The ESL mainly frowns upon the use of stimulants for games. Their tests target substances such as Adderall, which is an amphetamine. The drug often gets prescribed to people who have ADHD. The effects on non-ADHD people are that they are more mentally active and focused. Some gamers assent to using the substance to improve their online performances. 

Though marijuana is not generally frowned upon, it remains restricted. This restriction is mainly due to WADA’s prohibition status. Most leagues adhere to what WADA stipulates as performance-enhancing drugs and substances. Chances are high that if WADA removes the ban on other cannabinoids, the ESL would also reconsider its list of prohibited substances. 

Benefits of Using CBD Gummies While Gaming

When going through reviews of how cannabidiol affects athletes, a great number of them have an interest in how it can benefit them. It is logical to wonder whether taking a substance can boost your performance or at least your physical ability to best other players. Before we list how gamers can benefit from a CBD gummy or two, it is important to note that it does not enhance general performance. No studies show a person on CBD can play better or faster than others who haven’t taken the compound. 

Regardless of the studies, there are various ways that cannabidiol can improve a player’s general shape and condition. These are the different ways gamers can benefit from the compound. 

Muscle and Joint Relief and Support

E-sports athletes have to spend hours on end on their computer screens. Since the competitions are online, they rarely have to move certain muscles and joints. Prolonged hours of sitting in the same position can result in muscle and joint soreness. The widely recommended treatment option is physical activity. For gamers, the time to exert themselves physically is, in most cases, not available. 

An alternative treatment option is the use of CBD. The hemp active agent has sufficient anti-inflammatory properties that relieve painful muscles and sore joints. Gamers report playing for hours without feeling joint and muscle soreness and exertion after taking a gummy or two. The potency of the gummy matters. 

Maintains Healthy Stress Levels

Like many other sports, online gaming has its share of stress and anxiety for players. The playing condition is, in most cases, high-paced and requires the best action from each gamer. In such environments, it is easy to become anxious or stressed. Cannabidiol’s use for stress and anxiety relief is some of the major studies in the field. Studies show that a given compound dosage can reduce anxiety and relieve stress. The calm from using the infused gummies translates to more focused gaming. 

Improves Mental Acuity

As mentioned above, mental acuity is very important in e-sports. A player’s mental alertness alienates him from the rest of the competitors. Understandably, they would want to be in peak playing condition. Taking an infused hemp gummy can help with improving mental acuity. This result is due to the relaxing and anxiety-relieving properties of cannabidiol. With proper doses, gamers can immerse themselves in the game and eliminate distractions. 

Improves the Quality of REM Sleep

A well-rested online player is way better than a tired one. It is common for people with poor sleeping habits to suffer from fatigue and exertion. This fatigue and exertion translate to poor playing abilities. They are also more prone to making unnecessary mistakes. 

A treatment option for these sleep issues is the use of CBD. The active agent interacts with the brain’s receptors, releasing the sleep hormone. When used at night or during rest periods, this would lead to improved sleep quality. 

Dosage and How to Incorporate CBD Gummies in E-Sports

Determining the dosage requirements is more of a personal endeavor. This phenomenon is because everyone is different. What are suitable cannabidiol levels for one person may fall short for another or be too much for a different gamer. Also, it depends on what you aim to achieve with the CBD intake. 

Tolerance levels are among the first thing any online player needs to consider before buying their list of cannabidiol products. If you have a high tolerance, then high-potency gummies will work best. For low-tolerance people, low-potency gummies are the best option. Underdosing cannabidiol will result in zero effects. Overdosing the same compound can bring about adverse symptoms such as headaches and diarrhea. 

It is also helpful to review the quality of the brands before making a purchase. The best brands offer a Certificate of Analysis, third-party lab tests, and a detailed ingredient list. Other than that, customer feedback will inform customer satisfaction with their products. 

Other than dosing, it is also crucial to note what kind of products to use. There are so many CBD-infused commodities in the market that it is easy to get confused. An appropriate way to maneuver this is by determining the timeline for the product to take effect. Other than smoking broad-spectrum hemp rolls, there are no other ways for instant effects. 

Edibles such as gummies and topicals take less than an hour to start being effective. If you opt for gummies, take them an hour before gaming. This timeframe will ensure they kick in when you log into your game. 

Of the mentioned ingestion alternatives, edibles, and topicals are safer. Smoking is not completely safe as it can result in adverse health issues. In case of any negative reactions to CBD, you can consult a health professional for further direction.


Though most people do not consider it a sport, online gaming is very competitive. It has its set of regulations and competitions. The ESL manages the competition rules, scrutinize drug tests, and offers any other necessary regulation to achieve fair competition. The use of CBD by online gamers is slowly catching on, and this is because of the compound’s helpful benefits. With the right dosage, these gummies can induce a sense of calm and improve gamers’ mental acuities. It is reassuring to note that they are legal, and no consequences can come from using the infused products while competing. 

Lana Braslavska wrote this article. Her years in public relations give her pieces an edge in understanding what people want to know. She is passionate about the marijuana industry and hopes to educate as many people as possible on its benefits.  

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