Gramhir is a social media app launched in 2018 that offers an interactive platform with friends, family, and celebrities. The app uses videos as its main medium of communication along with live USA chat rooms where users can virtually gather together.

By using exciting features such as hashtags, emojis, and geo-location tagging, users can engage and communicate with others easily. Additionally, the app provides daily content to fuel conversations such as fun polls, informative quizzes, and exclusive videos from celebrities that make it a hub for entertainment.


Best Alternatives to Gramhir for 2023:

1. WhatsApp


Destination URL:

This quick messaging platform owned by Facebook has become one of the best alternatives to gramHIR. WhatsApp lets users easily chat with friends and family through text, voice calls, group chats, and send media files.

Furthermore, its privacy features support end-to-end encryption ensuring that messages are secure during transit between two phones.

2. Instagram


Destination URL:

This popular image-sharing network using photos as a medium for communication is one of the most effective alternatives to gramHIR for 2023. With exclusive filters, hashtag support, tagging, and geolocation features for stories, users can easily share their memories with friends.

3. Facebook


Destination URL:

Thanks to its powerful marketing capabilities, this website has been a highly successful social media app that offers many of gramHIR’s features such as creating profiles, organizing events or meetups, and messaging friends with videos or photos directly in the app itself.

4. Telegram


Destination URL: 

This is an open-source cloud messaging service used by users to connect with family, friends, and businesses in their contact lists.

With secured encryption across all communication networks, free voice calls, animation chats, and file transfer support in different languages make Telegram a powerful alternative for gramHIR users.

5. Facebook Messanger

Facebook Messanger

Destination URL:

The official chat app from the house of Facebook allows its users to quickly send messages, photos, or videos among other celebrities and contacts. The app also comes with a selection of fun stickers, mini-games, and other features that make it very popular among youth users especially in India.

6. Twitter


Destination URL:

One of the all-time favorite microblogging platforms, Twitter lets its users follow their interests to engage with broadcasters offering quick discussion threads along with lightning-fast timelines for unique content discovery..

7. Snapchat


Destination URL:

Popularly known as ‘ Snap’ this platform is typically used to send photos and videos with an option of adding text, drawings or animations. Snapchatters can communicate through the use of disappearing messages, presenting them with a unique way to show their creation.

8. Pinterest


Destination URL:

Offering both photo as well as video content-sharing capabilities, Pinterest has become one of the most attractive alternatives for gramHIR users in 2023. Users get featured boards where they can pin content like recipes, home design ideas, DIY projects, etc.

9. LinkedIn


Destination URL:

This social media platform is one of the preferred alternatives for gramHIR allowing users to build up their professional network while growing in the business world. Its members can share images, and stories as well as look out for potential hires who fit specific roles within an organization.

10. TikTok


Destination URL:

Much more than just an alternative, TikTok has become almost ubiquitous in recent years and continues to grow quickly.

This platform provides its users with a unique blend of entertainment, music, comedy, and lifestyle. Short videos becoming one of the oldest trends this app has taken it onto a whole new level for viewers as well as content creators.

11. ShareChat


Destination URL:

The desi social media hub offering various regional languages is fast becoming very popular in 2023, especially in rural India. It offers a variety of content ranging from local news, and trending jokes to featured influencers who create amazing content within the app in various languages.

12. MX TakaTak

MX TakaTak

Destination URL:

A challenger to TikTok, this platform started by Times Internet Ltd has been successful among several users as well. With some unique features like audio dubbing, video stitching, and quick uploads it is a good alternative for gramHIR for 2023

13. Chingari


Destination URL:

A Made in India platform with exclusive content from various influencers, Chingari has become popular for entertaining videos such as music, dance, and lip-syncing. The app also offers an interactive forum section where users can share their thoughts on trending topics by engaging through polls and discussions.

14. Roposo


Destination URL:

Its biggest strength lies in its user-generated content which is available to view or share within the app. In addition to video content, the app also houses editorial stories, and lifestyle images and provides some special feeds like TVF Quiz, etc.

15. Triller


Destination URL:

Triller is a music video-making app offering several creative editing tools such as transitions, effects, and sharpness filters to spruce up videos with just one touch.

It also offers a custom soundtracks option wherein users can select their own song or any other favorite tunes that perfectly synchronize with their entertainment video clips. Additionally, its innovative augmented reality stickers could be added for even more fun and excitement.

16. Moj


Destination URL:

Moj has taken social video content to the next level with its users being provided with a range of options for filters, multiplayer gaming, lip sync battles as well various reactions that can be used to liven up conversations.

Furthermore, videos exceeding one minute are allowed on this platform hence giving creators more room for their creative flair. The app also offers a quick uploads feature along with smooth streaming so viewers don’t have to wait long for their favorite video.

17. Mitron


Destination URL:

If users are looking for original content, then the Mitron app is the best place to be in 2023. This digital platform lets its users share several types of audio and videos directly from the mobile camera roll or any other third-party apps.

It provides an opportunity to post such creations immediately with its colorful filters, reactions, and diverse sharing options.

18. Bolo India

Bolo India

Destination URL:

This innovative app is the perfect platform for individuals passionate about making a mark on social media with their content creation skills.

Being more than just an alternative, BoloIndya applies AI to its video offering tailor-made user-generated experiences that people can enjoy in different languages. Creators make money through comprehensive reward programs associated with this app.

19. Josh


Destination URL:

Josh is a complete Entertainment App that can be treated as the ultimate ride to explore more than 60 categories of videos such as gossip, sports updates, health tips, and even educational content offered by micro-influencers.

This platform works with reliable content streamers accommodating them in their trending pages for viewers consequently bridging the gap between content creators and users.

20. Zili


Destination URL:

Zili is a great app for community building, with access to several content discovery tools. It provides interesting Video Q&A in which users can find fun quizzes, polls, and even music videos from independent artists.

Furthermore, its streamlined video editing feature helps cut down lengthy clips in just one click for quick uploads as well allowing creators to have their own unique reasons to make followers love them more.


GramHIR offers an interactive platform with exclusive features for social interactions, entertainment, and collaboration among its users. Unfortunately, it has been taken off for compliance issues from both Google Play and Apple Store.

Nonetheless, there are solid alternatives to gramHIR in 2023 such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, etc which also provide similar experiences while also having some eye-catching extra offerings like additional effects, filters, or customization that can spice up a user’s online presence.

What is gramHIR?

GramHIR was launched in 2018 as a mobile entertainment platform that offers an interactive medium for its users to connect with family, friends, or celebrities through videos along with live chat rooms using unique features such as emojis and geolocation tagging.

This platform offers daily featured content such as fun polls, cool quizzes, and exclusive videos to keep its users engaged.

GramHIR Not Working? Explained:

For many of us, GramHir used to be a go-to spot for light entertainment, knowledge enhancement, or just staying current with the world. But recently due not meeting the compliance deadlines set by Google Play Store it was removed from the play store on June 9th, 2020.

This app is still available in the App Store but Apple has also asked them to resolve their compliance issues soon. It was unclear yet as to when they will make a comeback in terms of being available to download in both Google Play and Apple Store.


Is gramHIR still free?

Yes, gramHIR is absolutely free for its users even after first-time signup

What type of content is available on gramHIR?

Users can explore a variety of entertaining videos from celebrities, take part in fun polls and quizzes as well as watch educational stories.

Is it safe to use gramHIR?

Yes, the safety features offered by their features ensure that users’ data remains secure and private. Additionally, end-to-end encryption makes sure that any shared messages between users remain safe.

Does gramHIR have any age limitation?

Yes, the app has a minimum user age limit of 16 years keeping in mind its potential audience’s well-being Avoid using gramHIR if you are below this specified threshold

How to delete my account on gramHIR?

Go to the Settings menu and select ‘Remove Account ’ to delete your account from gramHIR

Is it possible to download videos off gramHIR?

Yes, you can save some of the posts as videos on your mobile device by tapping the downward arrow icon under a post.

What are the devices compatible with gramHIR?

GramHIR’s app is available for download on both App Store and Play Store supporting devices such as iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Android phones.

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