Reminiscence yourself back to 1995. Mortal Kombat 3 has seen its launch and gamers are restless to try out the latest character roster. How simple fighting games used to be. Fast-forward to 2019, there is now a whole arena of gaming particularly meant for online single or multiplayer games, now named the Esports industry. The Esports scene isn’t limited to fighting games alone. It encompasses MOBAs, the battle royale genre and so much more that wasn’t even a mere thought a decade or two ago. 

While some of the best Esports games aren’t limited to 1v1 fighting yet the fighting genre hasn’t forgotten its roots and only has adopted the recent gaming trends to solely evolve further. As most of these games have shifted to multiplayer modes and aren’t confined to arcade battles, gamers require a high speed internet to connect to make the most out of the gaming experience. The graphic resolution of such games isn’t colossal either so a low-spec system would also suffice. 

Enough of the flashback and future prospects. Let’s dive right into the current stance of fighting games in the Esports realm. 

Mortal Kombat 11

The gory details keep improving with every new Mortal Kombat game release. A sequel to Mortal Kombat X, MK 11 focuses on the combat of ‘mortals’ that are nowhere near mere mortals rather they possess unearthly powers. Gore galore is how we would define Mortal Kombat 11. MK 11 is brutal, gut-wrenching and filled with gut-spilling horror. It amuses us how the game evolved from its pixelated form to a worldwide recognized game that’s nothing short of a triple-A title. 

Samurai Shodown 

Samurai Shodown is a long lost titled given life once again by SNK. It wasn’t expected for the remake to be popular but it did become an overnight success. The medieval times reflect all the same in Samurai Shodown yet with more style. The visuals stay strong to its roots and players of the old game have been quite happy with the similarities both games hold. The fighting mechanisms are a lot similar to any 1v1 game you could be familiar with. The game has subsequently earned a wider fanbase to the point, it now has a separate Esports SNK championship. 

Street Fighter V

Street Fighter brought forward the “Sonic Boom” concept way before Naruto could. You know, as they say, wine tastes better with age. That’s just the case with Street Fighter. Although it only has 5 titles so far, the rarity and exclusiveness of the game are what make SF V a popular title in fighting games. Street Fighter also has earned a hefty prize pool where professional players from across the world participate. Watchers anticipate playing the game even more as it has simple fighting methods and fistfights with a detailed yet easier to understand repository of moves. You can use Hadouken or even teleport into the air as Dhalsim does.  

Tekken 7

The Tekken franchise always has a similar story to tell. Demon fathers and sons trying to demolish the Mishima bloodline with the same old boss to end the rift. Yet with every release, the game is a novelty of its own and never fails to be fun to play. Alike every Tekken game so far, Tekken 7 has numerous modes to try out. If you think multiplayer is your cup of tea, the arcade mode has an extensive playable character roster with no boss fights. The game has gained so much notability over the years, it even has a Tekken World Tour championship to its name with a jaw-dropping prize pool. 

The King Of Fighters XIV

The King of Fighters series is still going strong even after more than a decade. SNK has no plans to step down from its title as the fighting game king and the 14th instalment to the game, despite not having top-notch visuals and graphics, has earned its place without disappointing anyone. Whether you are an amateur who slams and smashes buttons randomly to enable power-ups or a pro at it, the game’s fighting style is easier to understand. Unlike the 1994 counterpart of the series, KOFXIV has a roster of 58 playable characters. So if you are a millennial looking to master the game and learn more about it, the SNK World Championship series is something to look forward to.


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