In the gaming entertainment industry, it has always been critical for the user to know what gaming platform certain games are released for. The overall financial success of the project and the total number of players are determined by how many operating systems a specific game is released for. Sad experiences frequently accompanied those who did not develop cross-platform solutions and instead released games for specific devices or operating systems.

You’ve probably noticed that modern game projects are almost always cross-platformers, available for a wide range of devices and operating systems, and frequently have single servers. These are games that can be played both on computers and game consoles such as Xbox or PlayStation, and on mobile devices running Android or iOS.

The hardware performance of the gaming device is the most crucial issue in mobile gaming. Although the power of the processor and video core is vital in smartphone selection, additional elements such as battery size, display diagonal and resolution, sensitivity, sensor speed, and so on influence smartphone adoption as well. Does the smartphone’s SIM card matter? This is a great question, and we will try to answer it in this article.

eSIM benefits

To begin, an eSIM is a chip built directly into the motherboard of a smartphone rather than a physical SIM card. This immediately provides several advantages, some of which are critical for gamers, particularly those concerned about the security of their gaming accounts.


In-game payments are required to purchase in-game items or receive benefits in all modern gaming projects, particularly those that run on mobile devices. As a result, your account information must never fall into the wrong hands. Given the advancement of certain types of fraud in the modern world, such as the theft of personal data under seemingly innocuous pretexts, it never hurts to have an additional “barrier” that can protect you and your data from theft.

Assume that your phone was stolen while you were traveling. And the unlocking password was obtained. Because the data is “stitched” into the motherboard chip, an eSIM can be remotely blocked, preventing an attacker from using another one. Of course, an attacker can always connect to the network via Wi-Fi, but a phone with an eSIM is much easier to track and return to the owner, so the level of security is significantly higher than with a phone with a regular SIM card, which the attacker can simply throw away.

Because eSIM is a virtual number, you can have a single phone number for multiple devices and manage it from any of them. Install the application from the App Store for iPhone or the Play Market for Android. In addition, applications for managing eSIM frequently include built-in VPNs, which increases the level of convenience and opens up new possibilities.


You can change your cellular operator at any time because the chip for operating the eSIM can switch between different profiles. This comes in handy when you want to benefit from different benefits from different carriers. The eSIM carriers list is extensive, allowing you to select exactly what you require.

Additional features

Since the entire world is gradually transitioning to eSIM, developers are constantly working to expand the functionality of this standard. In the near future, there will be no devices that accept the old SIM card format. Furthermore, the ability to have one number for multiple devices is the main feature of eSIM, making virtual SIM cards the best solution for any user.

In the future, the eSIM functionality will be further expanded with additional capabilities from both cellular operators and digital technology developers. This new standard is already being actively implemented in electronics for a wide variety of purposes, from smartwatches to cars. Even stop lights and lighting lamps on city streets use eSIM to communicate with the control center.


It seems that eSIM is the most desirable technology for ordinary users and gamers in particular. The capabilities of eSIM exceed those of old-fashioned SIM cards. Moreover, as you might be aware, gamers are often more concerned with innovative technology than others. Therefore, many more users are choosing eSIM over traditional SIM cards.

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