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Elite Dangerous Server Status

How to Check Elite Dangerous Server Status?

Keeping tabs on the Elite Dangerous Server Status is essential for a smooth gaming experience. To check the current server status, players should visit the official server status page.

This page offers real-time updates on the operational status of the game’s servers across different regions, including any known issues that might affect gameplay.

Whether you’re planning an extensive exploration mission or gearing up for a high-stakes combat encounter, a quick visit to this page can save you from unexpected disruptions.

Is Elite Dangerous Server Down?

As of the latest update, the Elite Dangerous servers are up and running, ensuring players can embark on their space adventures without hindrance. The game’s developers, Frontier Developments, strive to maintain a stable and accessible server environment for all players.

However, unforeseen issues can sometimes lead to temporary downtime. In such cases, the official server status page provides timely information and updates, helping players plan their gaming sessions accordingly.

Is Elite Dangerous Server Down

Can I Change Elite Dangerous Server?

In Elite Dangerous, you cannot directly choose or change individual servers. Unlike some other online games, the game doesn’t offer a server selection option. Instead, it uses a peer-to-peer (P2P) network model for most interactions.

Most Common Elite Dangerous Server Issues

Players might occasionally encounter several common issues while accessing or playing Elite Dangerous. These include:

  • Connection Errors: These frustrating errors can arise from various factors, such as unstable internet connections, firewall settings blocking necessary game ports, or router issues.
  • Login Errors: Incorrect login credentials, account-related problems, or server outages can prevent players from accessing the game.
  • In-game Errors: Bugs, glitches, or server instability can disrupt gameplay, affecting everything from mission progress to in-game transactions.

Addressing these issues typically involves checking the official server status page, restarting your equipment (computer and router), updating drivers, or reinstalling the game. For persistent problems, reaching out to Frontier Developments’ support team is the best course of action.

Most Common Elite Dangerous Server Issues


The Elite Dangerous servers are currently operational, providing a stable platform for players to explore, trade, and combat across the galaxy. By staying informed through the official server status page and understanding common server-related issues, players can minimize disruptions to their gaming experience.

Should you encounter any difficulties, the provided troubleshooting steps and Frontier Developments’ support team are valuable resources to get you back on track.


What is the official Elite Dangerous server status page?

The official page is

Can I change the Elite Dangerous server that I am connected to?

No, the game’s servers are region-locked to ensure optimal performance.

What are the most common Elite Dangerous server issues?

Connection, login, and in-game errors are among the most frequently encountered issues.

How can I fix Elite Dangerous server issues?

Checking the official server status, restarting your devices, updating drivers, or reinstalling the game can resolve many issues.

I am still experiencing problems with the Elite Dangerous servers. What should I do?

Contact Frontier Developments support for further assistance.

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