We live in smooth times, times in which technology is improving every two years regarding Moore’s Law. However, one of the markets that has some raised questions is without a doubt, virtual reality, a segment that is difficult to summarize. Does it have a future, does it have passed its time, will it continue? Let’s try to shed some light on this.

Virtual Reality In PC Gaming

This seems to be the current scenario of a technology that for some reason does not reach the general public. Reflection is a necessity and has so many fronts that we may not find an answer. In this segment, VR is not really used for PC gaming. However, there are platforms, such as Steam that have VR games or even their latest game addition, Half Life: Alyx, is VR only. So there may be some room left for VR as well, for those who want to have a little bit of fun together with friends, when they come over your place. In addition, most of today’s latest PC gaming equipment is equipped to support VR. 

In addition, VR games can introduce an immersive experience, where you can observe, once inside the game, a 360-degree content and dense graphics. There is also a new level of interaction, where with the release of controllers, players can control and modify the game environment at their own will. And soon, VR gaming is going to be achieved through all human senses. The content in VR technology is becoming a main factor in creating gaming content, where genres like shooters, adventures and simulations got enhanced thanks to VR. 

In addition, there are some few types of VR games since 2018, because of the variety of VR headsets, where new games are emerging regularly. Both PC games and mobiles games are pushing the boundaries of VR. For example, VR can be used in first-person shooters, such as Robo Recall. VR can also be used in racing games, like Need for Speed No Limits. Horror games also have their taste of VR, actually, in the market the horror games have a very strong position, because VR adds a new edge for the genre, like more realistic graphics, first-person perspective, 360-degree view and object-based audio. Last but not the least, adventure games were very popular before VR. Now, with the detailed 3D graphics, sensors, controllers, the following storylines might be more interactive and fascinating with virtual reality. 

Past, Present, Future In Virtual Reality

In the past, VR gaming has become popular in the market and it has shown a fast growth rate. At the beginning, the idea was a little bit fantastic. And while the VR came true, we all agreed that it had the potential to become the next big thing in gaming. After the release of the first prototypes of Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR, the virtual reality age has started. 

In 2015, HTC released the Vive headset which was equipped with hand controllers and tracking technology. By the end of 2015, the use of virtual reality has grown rapidly. The coming of 2016, there were 230 VR development companies which produced both VR hardware and software. With these news, the experts predicted an increase in popularity and market growth.

In addition, there is a forecast growth that is based on the current VR gaming trends in the market. For example, the VR production leaders are Oculus, HTC, Sony and Google which are tending to develop a more mobile and easy to use VR headset. There are plans for new innovative technologies of the VR headset, which will provide freedom of movement and recreation of the five basic feelings. It is also expected that Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony will make their VR games more accessible in the next few years.

However, when it comes to the hardware, because of the growing mobility, the use of VR consoles will drop. Despite this, the use of VR headset was increased by 32% at the end of 2017. And the next big leap is expected to be a standalone VR headset which will be appropriate to gaming content.   

Virtual Reality In Other Businesses 

Initially, VR was meant for gaming, however it seems it can be useful in other markets. By 2018, virtual reality has expanded to marketing, retail, military, education, fitness and healthcare. Such wide coverage will sure bring advantages for businesses. More and more sports make use of VR for training. Thus, the birth of virtual golf simulators indoor facilities, and other artificially built environment meant for immersive activities. In addition, besides the PC gaming we know, VR is also explored by the iGaming industry. For example, the first casino that uses the technology is based in New Orleans. 

The casino has a VR-based spot where visitors can use a VR headset to connect to a game where they can shoot arrows. In addition, in France in 2019, an operator came with the first VR blackjack game. The VR-only place is a round table that has VR headsets and players can connect to a Wild West themed game where they can play blackjack in a moving train.

When we see such innovation in one industry, like the one of iGaming, we are wondering if they can go so far with the virtual reality technology in the case of slot games. But, we will have to look and see until such news will come aboard. Meanwhile, for users, VR can literally expand the edges of a world and give new options to 3D gaming. 

Now, what about VR in other businesses? The game creators and VR hardware producers are currently targeting gaming, but there is a growing demand for other businesses. For example, Virtual Reality can be a new experience for clients, for example, some companies have opened VR game clubs or special areas at malls and business centers. VR is also used as a new tool for many video game storylines that have been transferred to cinemas, such as Tomb Raider, Mortal Kombat. And in the animation industry there are Disney and Pixar shows that give the possibility of reverse interaction. For example, two companies had created a simple VR game in order to make the new Coco cartoon more popular. 

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