Social media has improved the flow of information and content. People no longer wait on TV shows or classic news channels for information or entertainment. Traditional entertainment platforms have had to change to morph into the new social media and fast content era. The content creation and consumption process seem simple: a creator posts content, and viewers gain access to the post. However, many factors affect whether or not you have access to a specific type of content. 

Different social media apps have different algorithms that determine what type of content reaches certain users. There are many demographics to fall in on the social media algorithm, and these demographics might limit your access to certain types of content. Geographical area, time of posts, and social media history will determine the type of content one has access to on a daily basis. In some instances, the algorithm even blocks certain types of viewers depending on their location, interests, and other factors. 

How Algorithms Affect Content Consumption  

Social media has amassed a large amount of data and content. To declutter the user experience, algorithms interpret and determine the type of content relatable to certain demographics. These demographics vary from geographical location, type of content a user generally interacts with, and language of preference.

The existence of these algorithms makes it harder to access content outside a specifically assigned demographic. Moreover, some content platforms block certain user demographics from accessing some types of content. These steps help keep order and trace data on content interaction and engagement.

There are several benefits to having an algorithm: 

  • Consumers get access to relatable and friendly content
  • Data collection is easier for the social media platforms
  • An assurance for creators that their content will reach the target audience
  • Reduced bullying or aggression due to differing points of view. 

However, for some people, this might be inconvenient. This is where proxies and VPNs come in. 

Proxies And Content Consumption

A proxy is one of the most popular ways for users to ensure their access to the internet stays unburdened by different types of restrictions. A proxy server acts as an intermediary between the client’s device and all other online servers. It replaces the client’s original IP with a new one, working both as a security measure and a tool that offers unrestricted access.

Content creators, for instance, can trick social media algorithms into showing your content to a larger platform than it would have by using a proxy server from a different region. Content consumers can also find ways to bypass IP-based bans or blocks and access the content of their interest.

Here are ways proxies can be useful to both content creators and consumers: 

  • Improved online safety 

One of the main uses for proxies is protection as one surfs the internet. Whether as a viewer or a creator, proxies help keep your personal information safe and away from potential malice. Moreover, proxies are an additional protection layer for creators’ intellectual property. Using proxies, therefore, promotes peace of mind as it diminishes worries about hacking or malware

  • Access to blocked content 

Content consumers can use proxies to access banned or blocked content depending on their demographic. For instance, a Netflix show that’s available in France might be banned in other countries or simply not available due to copyright laws. To access this content, individuals outside of France might either have to change their location or buy France IP’s proxies. These proxies have IP addresses based in France and would then allow anyone access to this France-only content. 

  • Staying ahead of the curve 

Proxies help creators stay ahead of the game by allowing them access to similar content creators. This helps creators analyze their engagement and performance based on their competition. Moreover, since proxies provide you with new IP addresses, it is possible to boost your engagement by viewing your own content posing as a consumer. 

Proxies Offer Accessibility

As a content consumer, it is important to understand the limitless pit that is social media. We have access to limited data despite the unlimited content available on the internet. Although it is possible to mindlessly scroll through an algorithm-curated social media field for hours, it is important to consider the limitless possibilities of access that proxies offer. Moreover, proxies offer protection while allowing access to all this new content.  


Richard is an experienced tech journalist and blogger who is passionate about new and emerging technologies. He provides insightful and engaging content for Connection Cafe and is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments.