The great cloud migration provider comes with their migration tools to conduct the successful cloud migration process. As you plan your IT infrastructure cloud migration, you will be choosing between the two types of migration tools: 1) migration tools provided by the public cloud migration service, or 2) tools from independent cloud computing companies.

Obviously, choosing the tools offered by public cloud migration provider will be a great choice if you want to stick to the budget. If you use one single cloud provider, the free migration tool can make a great choice for you. In most cases, the public cloud vendors can also offer the process of transfer in the extent that you dont need to use the slow public internet connections. If you have a large volume of data to migrate, the safe public migration tools will be your best buddy. Triangu suggests the best cloud migration tools for safe public cloud migration.

AWS Migration Tools

Amazon is one of the prominent migration services in the market. it offers great cloud migration services such as Database Migration Service, AWS server migration service, migration hub, and many more. Most of the prevalent cloud migration services are free for the AWS clients. However, it is important to know that the AWS tools are specifically made for the AWS platform.   

AWS offers helpful tools for their clients. Not to mention that the clients could ship their data to AWS data centers. That means you can say goodbye to slow internet connection. Let the Amazon staff handle it for you.

Azure Migration Tools 

If you are like other folks, you will see why Azure is a popular choice. After all, who does not know Microsoft? Under the Microsoft umbrella, Azure has been helping thousands of companies and businesses to handle the cloud migration process. Its cloud migration tool’s name is Azure Migrate. Plus, you can also take a look at the other tools namely Database Migration Service and Data Box hardware. Like the AWS, Azure offers offline data transfer for their clients. Most of these tools are free to use for the Azure clients. However, these are only exclusive to Azure platform. The tools wont support other public cloud vendors. If you are fond of focusing one single cloud vendors, Microsoft Azure is indeed a great choice.For the cloud migration service, ones will need to use all migration services called as Azure Migrate.

 Micro Focus PlateSpin Migration Factory 

The Micro Focus has been operating in the market for years. It is one of the most comprehensive cloud migration products on the market. If you want to scale the IT infrastructure up in the future, then this vendor can be your best partner to work on the cloud migration process. 

Micro Focus is different from the others because it offers multiple clouds migration. If you are not planning to move your data in one cloud only, Micro Focus can make a great choice to deal with multiple clouds in your parts. It also comes with advanced security features. the platform allows you to assign role-based permissions. So, staff in your company will have different clearance when using the apps and data from the cloud platform. Micro Focus is indeed the best choice for multiple cloud migration strategy. 


Turbonomic might be the only one great platform which offers hybrid cloud automation platform. So far, we havent seen any other alternatives which have the same features, characteristics, and qualities as Turbonomic. The Turbonomic offers complete hybrid cloud automation platform in fair prices too. This allows the clients to manage, monitor, as well as amp the workloads up when the cloud migration is finished. The Turbonomic cloud migration tools are also compatible with AWS and Azure. If you already have the AWS or Azure cloud accounts, you can proceed without any hassle.


VMware is a great choice for hybrid clouds lovers. It makes a great buddy if you are fond of flexibility and scalability. The technology offered in this provider comes with tons of cloud migration capabilities which are prevalent enough so that you will not need multiple cloud providers in time. The cloud migration tools are free to use for the VMware clients. The professionals will also help you from the beginning to the end.

Carbonite Migrate 

The cloud migration market is not only dominated by the double AA, AWS and Azure. Carbonite Migrate, although less popular than other gigantic cloud vendors, indeed has more selling points in several sectors. Carbonite Migrate is a great choice if you want to conduct the backup, recovery, or business safety measurements. The service can help you to quickly transfer the apps and data to and from any cloud. Whether the source is from on-premise PC, or cloud environment, the cloud vendor promises you with the best result. Many experts have recommended this platform because it has minimal downtime so that the cloud migration process will be successful without any hassle. 

Corent SurPaaS 

If you are looking at the Software as a Service, or SaaS, then the Corent SurPaaS is the right vendor for you. The Corent SurPaaS is flexible in terms of the internal and external customers circles. Not only the end users who will be able to use the services, but also the independent software companies, cloud computing vendors, as well as other service providers who are in needs of cloud computing services. 

Google Migration Services 

You might also find it in your search engine as Velostrata. Velostrata was an independent cloud service until Google acquired it for better services and improvements. Velostrata has been amongst the top cloud migration services on the internet. it is standing out of the crowd because of its  fast vessel in cloud migration. The provider claimed that the migration service is up to ten times faster than before. the good thing here is that Google’s migration services are completely free. However, this migration tool is only supportive for Google Cloud platform.

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