Another year is in the books, and what did 2023 hold in terms of technological advances? There was one big area of technological advancement that took more than the lion’s share of interest – that is, of course, AI.

2023 was the year in which AI really changed the game, especially in the areas of photo and video generation and editing. The growth and popularity of generative AI also reached website searches and has rapidly changed the way many people approach their day-to-day online experience.

In this look back across the exciting year of technology, we start with the AI explosion.

Creative AI

Almost out of nowhere, it seems, there is now an abundance of AI-modeled websites, bursting with tools that can help foster creativity. Text-to-image generators have become hugely popular. A few prompts can send an AI site into a business, generating a picture. Some take it further by turning generated pictures into animated images.

Video creation has already seen a rapid increase in popularity and functionality, not only for businesses but for creators uploading to video platforms. Again, text prompts can get the ball rolling, AI script-writing tools help the process and it is possible to have a full video made in less than a minute.

These software models that create stunning artwork have opened the door for so many people to tap into creativity, despite there being no traditional art skills like drawing, painting, or photography needed.

On the post-creation scene, there has been a strong increase in the availability of AI editing tools as well for photography and videos. 

VR and AR

This was inevitable, and the development of augmented and virtual reality saw two major developments in 2023. The Meta Quest launch was nicely timed just before the end-of-year holidays. Apple’s Vision Pro from Apple was introduced in the middle of the year but won’t go on sale until 2024. 

Packed with cameras and a specially developed chip, Apple’s headset offers new levels of virtual integration, like using eyes to control and experience. The blend of the digital and physical worlds is rapidly increasing, and the progress of gamification is rapid.

How long will it be before it’s possible to walk around a full 3D virtual online casino environment and choose from famous slots like Starburst, or sidle up to other players at a poker table? 

Flip phone

Thought the flip phone had gone out of style several years ago. It was back with a bang in 2023, thanks to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5. The flexible device has an external screen as well as the main one, so the phone doesn’t have to be unfolded for use. 

Haptic suit

A backpack-style device stacked with technology was launched by Music: Not Impossible in 2023. The invention is designed to help deaf people feel music. The sensory device takes sound and converts it to vibrations that are played on the skin of the user.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg started its digital library for the preservation of works back in the 1970s. This year, a share of their collection was converted to Audiobook format, with the help of Microsoft and MIT, and a spattering of AI, all without charge. The texts were converted to speech by AI automation and can now be found on popular streaming services. 

Humane AI Pin

Already tired of having to hold a smartphone in your hand to unleash its power? The AI Pin by Humane clips to your clothes and is an AI-modeled personal assistant. 

The wearable does not have a screen, so its generative input is by voice and allows for the creation of text messages and making calls. 

The pin does have eyes on the world, with a camera for input. Perhaps the coolest feature of the AI Pin is that it projects controls onto the palm of your hand.

Arkose Bot Manager

You have likely already come across this bot-defense software on an app or a website. This is where it asks the users to turn an animal in the direction of a pointing hand. This is based on the CAPTCHA technology, but takes things a step further and can stop web bots in their tracks. It is rapidly becoming the best new line of defense for internet browsing.


Finland launched an e-passport program in 2023. This is a natural progression of things, as almost every other booking-based interaction, from renting a car to purchasing concert tickets, has moved over to the smartphone. 

It’s great because it limits the anxiety of losing a paper document. Finnish people who register for the program can just have their phone scanned by immigration when traveling between their home country and select airports in the UK. 

No wires TV

One of the main aesthetic issues with modern devices is the endless trail of wiring that comes with them. Television, in particular, has this major issue when there are soundbars, gaming consoles, and DVD players plugged into the screen. 

LG has stepped up with a solution to this, as their staggering 97” Signature OLED M doesn’t have any inputs or outputs. There’s one cable for power, and that’s it. It works through a separate connect box that sends the signal (including 4K) to the screen from up to 30 ft away.

Fixable laptop

The company Framework launched a new laptop in 2023 that can easily be modified and updated with new parts. That means it’s fixable and designed to improve the life of the unit overall. The purpose is to help keep as much waste from being generated in the computing industry. For example, instead of throwing away an entire laptop because the CPU has fried, the component can be replaced. 

New browsing option

It’s not uncommon to have scores of tabs across your browser to the point where it is not possible to see what any of them are. The Arc interface takes on this problem with a vertical sidebar that can house everything. 

The browser will automatically close and archive any open tabs to help reduce problematic browser clutter. It’s available for MacOS 12.1 or later, with a Windows launch pending.

Richard is an experienced tech journalist and blogger who is passionate about new and emerging technologies. He provides insightful and engaging content for Connection Cafe and is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments.