Technology has evolved rapidly over the years to the point where companies are constantly trying to find ways to develop new tech or apps without years of investment. In fact, low-code development has become appealing to many businesses because it’s not only crucial for a company to speed up development, but here you get amazing results without massive time investments. 

    What is a citizen developer?

    What is a citizen developer?

    Businesses are looking for citizen developers because they can help lower costs quite a bit. The idea here is that citizen developers are people within the company who want to create/customize apps without the need for coding. That’s the thing, you always want to lower costs if possible, and having a citizen developer within the company can assist with that. It’s the ideal way to ensure you can get amazing apps, and the results are incredible in the long term.

    What are Power apps?

    Microsoft has created a Power platform that offers comprehensive low-code tools that make it easy to build apps. Power is also great at offering data analysis and process automation features, something to take into consideration. Another advantage of Power apps is they deliver a visual interface, while also making the development process easier. You have drag and drop controls, templates, and data connectors, all of which can make the experience better.

    Within the power platform, you can also access Power Automate, which is great if you want to have automated workflows and incredible process automation. All of that is accessible without the need to write any code, so it helps more than you might expect. You can use Power Automate to ensure that things like welcome emails, onboarding processes, and creating user accounts are all automated tasks, which helps save a lot of time. 

    How much time does it take to make Power apps?

    How much time does it take to make Power apps?

    The main benefit of Power apps comes from how fast you can make them. Many times, creating an app can take months or years depending on its complexity. Citizen developers can start creating Power apps and deploy them within a day, maybe a few days at most. And the advantage is that you start with a solid, secure template and you can add to it accordingly. 

    Is it a good idea to use a low-code approach to Power apps?

    Of course, having a power apps license guide is a great way to ensure everything is working within the right parameters and without issues. On top of that, going low-code is great because you have ease of use, low maintenance, improved governance, and you also lower the organizational costs.

    Once you choose the right template for the Power apps, you can start customizing things and creating the apps you want. It’s an excellent idea to consider since you can easily cut costs and grow your business in the long term. It’s a great idea to think about if you want a professional way to develop apps with internal developers while avoiding any rush!

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