You’ve finally launched your first business venture and now you’re looking for ways to cut through the noise. While it always looks easy, running a company that does well on social media is lightly put complicated. 

So, let’s go over seven tips that can make social media work for your small business. 

1. And It All Starts With Putting In The Details. 

If it’s your first time creating and working on a business profile for your new venture, you’ll be likely to miss some fine details that come with running a successful business page, on let’s say Facebook. 

First of all, you can sound funny and be all interesting (more on that later), but you’ll also have to make the most important information skimmable. This means that your work hours, email, phone and about should be clearly visible. 

On top of this, your website should be easily found within your bio (if you don’t have a website yet, you need one, so check out this guide on MangoMatter). Make sure everything is easily understandable and skimmable for the user. 

2. If You’re A Local Business, Double Down On That.

What makes the social media/brand experience better for the user? Seeing and reading things that are relatable to them. This means that if you are a strictly local business (think you’re making the best pizza in town) you can truly engage with your local community and build a loved brand instead of just a business. 

Share photos and try to organize events via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Also don’t forget to have a bit of fun and celebrate with regular customers, other businesses that you interact with every day, and just have enjoyed the things that come with running your own business.

3. Go And Read A Guide Or Two On How To Run Social Media Ads.

Even though it’s 2020, social media ads are still way, way cheaper than radio or TV. This makes it super convenient for small businesses and you should take advantage of them as well. 

There’s plenty of information on how you can create, run and analyze social media campaigns, and you’ll have to do the research by yourself, but if you manage to do them right, you’re bound to see a return of investment. 

Running ads for events you’re about to host, new items you’re about to introduce, or just the better alternative to an already established local business are all great ideas to start from. 

4. Find Your True Brand Voice. 

A brand voice isn’t on the top priority list of most small businesses and we get that. Often resources are too scarce to invest in something like “do I sound fancy enough”. 

But what many marketers won’t tell you is that brand voice can come from anywhere, and you can create it yourself. 

How? Just be you! Most people are already fed up with seeing boring brands who repeat the same stuff time and time again, so a bit of freshness can help you with cutting through the noise and getting noticed.

5. Learn How To Use Visuals To Get More Engagement. 

Visuals are a must when it comes to building successful social media marketing campaigns. While we know that not everyone is good with Photoshop, creating interesting visuals has never been easier. 

More and more tools are being developed every day, so you’ve got Canva, Adobe Spark and at least ten other online tools that can help you with building engaging visuals for your Facebook, Instagram or whatever social media you’re creating content on. 

6. Do A Bit Of A Behind The Scenes.

Everyone loves when they see something that they usually can’t see from their favorite brands. Showing behind the scenes and the places where you create your products (or cook them) is a great way to pique the interest of your customers. 

Not to mention that sharing funny moments and just the day to day builds tremendous trust between your business and the customer. It just gives the business a personality that people can engage with. 

7. And Don’t Forget To Try Some New Interesting And Experimental Things.

Social media moves a hundred miles a minute. There is constantly new stuff happening and people are hungry to see new features being used by their favorite brands. 

Instagram and Facebook effects can be pretty easy to create and usually, they’re pretty cheap. Give Spark AR a go, and you may have a newfound hobby on your hands. 

However, you decide to run your social media marketing, know that just the ordinary posting and boring photos won’t do much. Find what your customers engage with and you’ll be bound to find traction in the SM space. 

Richard is an experienced tech journalist and blogger who is passionate about new and emerging technologies. He provides insightful and engaging content for Connection Cafe and is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments.