There are several platforms out there that you can use to develop and publish your apps on. There is iOs, Android, and Windows. The problem is that it costs a lot of money to user developers that specialize in each one. If you wanted to cover them all it would be like developing three separate apps. 

That’s why there has been a huge rise in cross platform app development tools in recent years. These tools help companies develop apps that can be published on all the platforms. The process saves significant amounts of money for the app developers and makes the entire operation much simpler.

Here are the top 5 tools that you should explore if you want to develop a cross-platform application.

1. Adobe PhoneGap

This tool is owned by Adobe and it’s based on the open-source framework Apache Cordova. It contains several tools like the Chrome Developer Tool, the Safari Web Inspector Tool and utilizes Microsoft’s Visual Studio to help you build your app for Windows. 

2. Corona

Not the best name these days, but hey, they can’t change it now, can they? Corona is a great cross-platform tool for creating games and apps for all sorts of devices like TV, desktop computers and smartphones. 

It has very lightweight scripting powers and allows to create games that run really fast. It’s also completely free, which is a great plus. 

3. Xamarin

Xamarin is a great tool if you are developing an app for multiple platforms. You can use this tool to give your app-specific boosts to achieve a better performance. It comes with its own debugging, code editing and UI design tools. 

4. Unity3D

Unity3D is an open-source web app development tool. It has some really incredible graphics that it’s really easy to use. You can use this tool to create game apps and export them to multiple platforms including Xbox, Playstation, Linux, Wii, and the web. You can also use Unity3D to build apps for iOs, Android, or Windows devices. The tool also allows you to connect with developers to answer questions and to track user analytics and behaviour. 

5. 5App

This tool is unique because it’s specifically designed for HR, consulting, and learning firms. 5Apps uses javascript and HTML5 and allows you to create apps that deliver resources to its employees for learning or HR. It’s a great platform for any of the above-mentioned uses and it has some really advanced security capabilities so that its users’ apps remain safe and protected.

BONUS: Appcelerator

Appcelerator is exactly what it sounds like. It is a mobile development tool that helps you code your apps faster on multiple platforms. It uses the Hyperloop API which helps you detect bugs quickly, test your apps and automate your mobile tests. Check this tool out, it will transform the way you code and develop cross-platform apps.


If you are thinking of developing an app and want to make it available to as many users as possible then cross-platform development is the way to go. Instead of hiring a team of experts for each platform just use one of the above-mentioned tools to get the job done easier and quicker. 

Richard is an experienced tech journalist and blogger who is passionate about new and emerging technologies. He provides insightful and engaging content for Connection Cafe and is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments.