For most people, Instagram is a way to share beautiful photos of their lives but to entrepreneurs, it is a business platform. Instagram offers entrepreneurs an opportunity to raise brand awareness and boost sales to pad their bottom line by giving them a chance to serve visual content that the consumers can’t help but devour. This is why most entrepreneurs have Instagram at the top list for promotion, whether they are selling a business that is service related or a tangible product.

Often, visual content is shared on social media more than any other kind of content, making more than 70% of entrepreneurs rely on visual assets for their marketing strategies.

With Instagram being 100% visual and with not less than 400 million users, entrepreneurs are feeling crazy and are now trying to leverage this service to increase brand and sales visibility.  Below are some reasons why entrepreneurs are crazy about Instagram:

1. Kick The Camera Envy

Many entrepreneurs are worried that they don’t have the proper tools to create high-quality images. Luckily, we carry technology in our pockets hence you don’t need to create professional looking images for your social profiles.

With Instagram, you can create a quality image for your entrepreneurial purpose despite not having a camera. All you need to do is filter and edit photos using the tools built into Instagram.

2. Hashtags

You have heard about hashtags on Instagram, right? Well, for entrepreneurs, this is Instagram’s bread and butter.

Hashtags are the channels through which users who are not following you will find you either by clicking on the tag on another users post or in the search bar by searching for topics.

For each post, Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags. Entrepreneurs can, therefore, use all of them to make their posts as discoverable as possible. You can do this by looking at similar photos and profiles for tag suggestions as well as clicking a tag to see related tags at the top of your search results screen.

3. Instagram Ads

With the Facebook acquisition of Instagram, as an entrepreneur, you can promote your content through Instagram ads. Other than promoting images, you can use Instagram ads to reach out to specific actions such as: click to website, mobile engagement, website conversions and video views.

Marketers therefore have the option of paying attention to what works best for them and promote winning campaigns.

4. Video Influence

More than 50% of marketers assume that video has the most effective return on investment than any other type of content marketing. Instagram allows users to leverage static images as well as the influence of video thus a great opportunity to engage followers on a different level.

This works well for the entrepreneurs since shoppers who view a video more than once a day, are likely to purchase over those who engage in written content.

5. Community Connections

For marketers, Instagram should not be a one-way communication process like any social platform. You have to reach out to others within your industry via comments and likes.

Instagram gives access some recognized websites like Social10x which promotes your content or account through social media and engage the web partners to promote your content on multiple apps and websites.

Your social followers also get boosted through researching your account to help get relevant users liking your content or following.

6. Platform To Sell All Type Of Products

If you search the #instasale on Instagram, you will get a variety of hits from watches, sweaters, clothes, shoes and more. In Kuwait, farmers are selling sheep on Instagram. App developers are quickly recognizing the power of Instagram as a market place with companies like Chirpify which enabled people to buy and sell through twitter now launching Instagram.

Entrepreneurs are excited since they can market any type of goods and services from the comfort of their home.


The goal of every entrepreneur is to build revenue. However, the means of building a relationship with customers and driving engagement is determined by your Instagram efforts.

Instagram has impressive features to help take marketers ultimate goal which is sales at the top notch, and this is the reason most entrepreneurs are crazy about it.

Are you in need of pieces of jewelry, clothes, shoes or any other item, consider checking Instagram Before heading to the mall.

Richard is an experienced tech journalist and blogger who is passionate about new and emerging technologies. He provides insightful and engaging content for Connection Cafe and is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments.