What is a JAMstack-ready CMS? JavaScript is probably the most well-known programming language used. It can be used by itself or with any framework or collection available. JavaScript is one of the foundational parts of a JAMstack ready CMS. The other two are API and Markup.


API stands for Application Program Interface. It is required to tell the software components how to interact correctly with other programs. The API shares vast amounts of data and allows programs to interact without needing to share its entire code.


Markup refers to the presentation of your website. You can use the templates provided or you can write your own HTML or CSS codes. As mentioned before, you can use any framework or collection available.

JAMstack uses traditional, well-known technology. It breaks away from the traditional methods when you begin to build your website on it. JAMstack also affects workflows because you make the presentation layer first and fill in the website with your data. You use the backend that is provided by the 3rd party API and creating the frontend goes faster because it does not have to be made from scratch.

How Does JAMstack Ready CMS Help Me?

It makes setting your site up or adding to it and updating it faster and easier. There is less risk of a crash because it avoids the causes of common problems and security risks. It provides the newest delivery technology available and permits you to take advantage of an API that has standardized and streamlined much of the hard work that used to take hours to complete. Using a JAMstack ready CMS makes your website appear noticeably different to your visitors, helps to increase your traffic, and can greatly increase and improve your data collection. You will have a more professional-looking, advanced, safe, and faster website.

What Does The Right CMS Look Like?

Humans have long been known as creatures of habit. They appreciate consistency and routine, even if they do not realize it. When people come into your website and it seems familiar and comfortable to them, though they have never been there before, it is a good indication that you have the right content management system. This may be the most important thing that a CMS provides.

Before Changing To A JAMstack Ready CMS There Are Some Things To Know

If you are running a small business or even if you have a Web Development Department, There will need to be some familiarity with JavaScript and APIs. You will be working with front-end-centric development. These skills will allow you to benefit from JAMstack at a much faster pace.

Choosing A Headless CMS

Find a headless CMS that is compatible with JavaScript. The headless CMS disconnects the back-end that holds all the content databases and files from the front end. The CMS uses the API to make necessary connections between different platforms and equipment.

Static Site Generators

A headless CMS will work best with a static site generator. (SSG) The SSG generates an HTML-only website using markdown files. After the static site is uploaded to a server it can stay as it is until the next time the SSG is used.

Understanding how to best use your tools is not just a good suggestion, it is a necessity. A JAMstack-ready CMS is one of the most important and needed tools that you can provide for your company to ensure success.

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