Weakstream is an online streaming platform for viewing sports-related content. It started in 2015 as a simple concept— delivery of the highest quality streams from the most popular sporting events, without lags or downloads.

    From there, it grew to become one of the top sources of live streaming sports content on the internet. Now, with weakstreams not working for many users, they may be looking for an alternative.

    Here are some of the best Weakstreams alternatives that provide top-notch streaming quality and affordability to get you back in watching your favorite sports matches online.


    Top 19 Weakstreams Alternatives {2024 Updated}

    1. Sky Sports


    Destination URL: www.skysports.com

    One of the biggest names when it comes to live sports streaming is Sky Sports—you can’t go wrong with the extensive coverage and easy-to-use app.

    With top-notch streaming quality, great customer service, and plenty of sports content available to stream, Sky Sports is definitely one of the better Weakstreams alternatives out there in 2024.

    2. TotalSportek


    Destination URL: www.totalsportek.com

    This website provides a smooth streaming experience proving you don’t have to pay for a premium membership to access awesome live sports streams—and all for free.

    With a wide array of sports streaming options, Total Sportek is definitely worth considering if you’re searching for Weakstreams alternatives in 2024.

    3. VIPStand


    Destination URL: www.vipstand.se

    Like many popular live streaming sites, the big appeal ofVIPStand lies in its large selection of sports content and reliable streams from multiple sources — offering stability as well as top-notch quality video when streaming any sporting event online with no ads or redirects.

    4. Laola1


    Destination URL: www.laola1.tv

    Laola one is one of the best alternative sites out there for sports streaming, offering live streaming of nearly all sports competitions such as football, hockey, and cycling to its’ extensive stream library filled with archived events from decades past.

    What makes Laoda 1 so appealing are simple yet effective features like quality sorting and analysis tools that allow you to quickly find what you want without much effort involved— ideal when searching for Weakstreams alternatives in 2024.

    5. Sportsurge


    Destination URL: sportsurge.net

    Sportsurge makes it easy to watch live streams from all sports competitions, providing access to more than 10 networks and over 150 sports content daily without any complicated setup required— perfect if you’re searching for a decent Weakstreams alternative in 2024 without the need of having extensive knowledge about streaming technology.

    6. CricHD


    Destination URL: crichd.cx

    CricHD promises to provide top-notch streaming quality without having you worry about lags as it updates streams regularly.

    There’s no need for registration or subscription on this website, and it has plenty of sports content available from different sources— a great feature if you’re looking for an easy-to-use Weakstreams replacement in 2024

    7. StreamEast


    Destination URL: streameast.live

    What sets Stream East apart from other online media streaming platforms is the variety of entertainment content they offer — apart from sports streaming, you can also watch TV shows and movies in their library.

    No need to worry about skipping either as Stream East provides reliable streaming speeds that don’t let any bit go out of sync even during heavy loads— making it an excellent Weakstreams alternative in 2024 for all kinds of users.

    8. CricFree


    Destination URL: crickfree.org

    CricFree is a great alternative to Weakstreams as it provides quality streaming for sports events from all around the world—perfect for those who wish to stay up-to-date without having any hefty subscription fees.

    It’s easy to use and comes with an array of features that make finding what you desire much simpler, such as live score updates, results archive, and comments section provided by other viewers.

    9. Jokerlivestream


    Destination URL: jokerlivestream.com

    With its intuitive design and user-friendly interface, it’s no surprise that Jokerlivestream is one of the most popular Weakstreams alternatives in 2024.

    Streamers can quickly find what they are looking for as there are various sorting features available— which makes searching much easier when comparing offerings from different streams.

    10. BatManStream


    Destination URL: batmanstream.net

    If you’re looking for an easy-to-use streaming platform where you can find streams of different sports events, then look no further than BatManStream.

    This website comes with everything required to search and watch your favorite competitions without any hassle—making it an excellent Weakstreams replacement in 2024 for sports fanatics.

    11. Star Sports

    Star Sports

    Destination URL: www.starsports.com

    A well-established Asian media network, Star Sports offers comprehensive sports coverage at a very affordable price – which makes them one of the top alternatives to weak streams in 2024.

    With their extensive library filled with sports from around the world, you can enjoy plenty of matches any time you want.

    12. BossCast


    Destination URL: bosscast.net

    BossCast is a free streaming site for live sporting events and has been gaining traction lately due to its high-quality streams without needing to break your bank account or jump through unnecessary hoops.

    This website provides access to multiple sources, along with real-time updating results—allowing viewers an easy way to follow their favorite competitions without any hassle.

    13. MyP2P


    Destination URL: myp2p.ws

    MyP2PA free streaming website which provides users access to a wide variety of sports events in HD quality, coupled with live score updates and other features such as direct links to live streaming sites — makes it an ideal alternative for those seeking Weakstreams replacements in 2024.

    14. StrikeOut



    Destination URL: strikeout.nu

    StrikeOut offers a hassle-free streaming experience with its vast library of sports streams, allowing its users to follow their favorite team and league from wherever they are.

    With options for recording live videos, as well as sorting streams by categories— this website is definitely an excellent Weakstreams alternative in 2024 for any avid sports fanatics.

    15. goATDee


    Destination URL: goatdee.net

    An easy way to catch sports streams from all over the world, goATDee offers clean and higher quality video streaming than anywhere else for its users.

    And best of all — it can be accessed free without having to pay any extra fees, ideal if you’re looking for a reliable Weakstreams alternative in 2024 without spending your money.

    16. ScoresInLive


    Destination URL: scoresinlive.com

    With an extensive library featuring thousands of live sports events, ScoresInLive is one the best Weakstreams alternatives in 2024.

    This site has easy-to-navigate tabs for sorting sports and streaming sites to quickly find what you’re looking for with no hassle—perfect if you want a quick win when watching any competition online.

    17. Bally Sports

    Bally Sports

    Destination URL: www.ballysports.com

    Driven by the latest technology, BallySports is one of the reliable options among Weakstreams replacement in 2024 that offers HD streams from various popular leagues around the world.

    Their highly interactive and easy-to-use interface makes browsing for content a simple process—allowing enjoyable streaming no matter where you are located.

    18. VIPBOXTV


    Destination URL: vipboxtv.se

    With quick access to multiple streams, VIP is one of the top-rated alternatives to Weakstreams in 2024 due to its straightforward yet effective design that makes searching for streams much easier.

    This site features plenty of sports events from around the globe with various sorting options available, perfect for any sports fanatics looking to watch their favorite teams hassle-free.

    What is weakstreams?

    Weakstreams was launched in 2015 as a streaming service for you to watch and follow live sporting events, offering streams from different websites such as Sky Sports, BT Sport, BBC Sports, ITV, or Eurosport.

    Since its launch, it became the go-to platform for many viewers who wished to stay up-to-date with their favorite sports teams and games without having to pay hefty subscription fees.

    Unfortunately, Weakstreams stopped working after 2017 since the source of their content changed but there are still plenty of alternatives out there if you would like to continue watching sports online without any hassles.

    Weakstreams Not Working? Explained

    Recently many users have been reporting that Weakstreams is not working properly due to the source of their content changing and updating every few months, resulting in streams becoming out-of-date or unusable as time passes.

    As such it may seem like a hassle for those wanting up-to-date streaming services if they wish to watch live sports— however, there are still plenty of other Weakstreams alternatives that provide excellent streaming options even during heavy loads.

    Weakstreams FAQs

    1. Is weakstreams reliable?

    At the moment, it is not as reliable as before due to the sources of content being changed and updated frequently since 2017. However, there are many great weak stream alternatives out there for those wanting up-to-date streaming services with no hassle.

    2. What are the best weakstreams alternatives?

    The top Weakstreams Alternatives in 2024 include Sky Sports, TotalSportek, VIPStand, Laola1Sportsurge, and CricHD. All of these websites offer excellent streams that can assist you to stay updated with your favorite sports teams and games without having to pay hefty subscription fees.

    3. Are there any free weakstreams alternatives?

    Yes, TotalSportek and CricHD are two of the best free Weakstreams alternative websites out there. Both sites provide plenty of sports content without needing to pay for a premium subscription— perfect if you don’t want to spend extra money but still get quality streaming services.

    4. Is it safe to use weakstreams?

    No, Weakstreams is no longer safe to use due to the sources of content changing and updating regularly. It’s better to look for alternative websites with more reliable streams in order not to be exposed to any potential virus or malicious software.

    5. Do I need a subscription for weak streams?

    No, Weakstreams used to be free before 2017 but now it’s no longer recommended due to its unstable streaming sources and limited content. It’s better to find a reliable Weakstreams alternative that you can access for free or with a low-cost subscription.

    6. Is weakstreams legal?

    Weakstreams used to be a completely legal platform, however, its legality status has been in question since the sources of content began changing and updating frequently. As such it’s not recommended that you use Weakstreams anymore due to potential laws being broken when streaming any sports event online.

    7. Does weakstreams have advertisements?

    Yes, Weak Streams used to have ads before 2017 and still do now. It’s best that you look for Weakstream alternatives with fewer or no ads in order not to be exposed to potentially malicious software, viruses, spyware, etc when viewing any streams online.

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