Watching movies with friends has always been a popular activity.

Thanks to the advent of technology, there are now several ways that you can get together virtually and still enjoy the same camaraderie as if you were in person.

One such platform is watch2gether which lets users connect online, watch, ands share videos with their friends. It boasts several features, including chat modules, video synchronization tools and support for almost any type of popular file format.


For those who are looking to get away from watch2gether or find other solutions that offer similar capabilities, there are 31 alternatives reviewed in this article to help users discover the best platform for their needs.

31 Watch2gether Alternatives In 2023



Gaze is one of the most popular streaming services available and offers several features such as group voice calls, social integration with other top platforms, games and more.

It also has a robust analytics suite that helps users evaluate performance data across their streams to determine how well they are doing compared to others.

Additionally, Gaze comes with low-latency video chat capabilities that ensure smooth video playback on any device.

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Kast provides an interesting twist on traditional video streaming services.

It uses a peer-to-peer protocol to stream content between users, which can help reduce latency and increase performance even when compared with more established platforms such as watch2gether.

In addition, Kast offers controller support for game streams, making it great for gamers who don’t have the best internet connection but still want to play together with their friends.

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Arguably one of the most versatile streaming solutions, Rave lets users stream their favorite content from several sources, including YouTube, Twitch, Netflix and more.

It also features real-time chat for each user in the group so that everyone can be engaged with what’s going on, as well as its own music library, which includes both classic and modern tunes.

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Chill is a convenient way to host private watch parties with friends or family from any device. It supports ultra HD video quality as well as excellent audio performance and comes with a very intuitive user interface that makes it easy to get started browsing content or start an impromptu watch party in seconds.

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For those who want a more hands-on experience, Giggl takes the concept of group viewing one step further by allowing users to add their own videos (or even YouTube playlists) and chatrooms so others can join.

It also supports all popular file formats as well as most streaming platforms, which makes it a great choice for those who don’t always want to watch the same content at the same time.

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Kosmi is an up-and-coming streaming service that focuses on bringing users together by allowing them to watch videos at the same time in different locations.

It has several features, such as real-time chat modules and analytics tools, but what makes it most attractive is its low latency and fast performance, which ensures everyone can watch their favorite shows without any interruption.

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For more of an interactive experience, Cytube has a built-in chat service so users can share messages with each other while watching, as well as the ability to sync up multiple videos together for simultaneous playback.

Additionally, it supports webcams for video chatting if needed and also offers streaming from leading platforms such as YouTube, Twitch and Livestream.

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Parsec is another great streaming solution that offers low-latency video chat capabilities for a real-time online experience with friends.

Additionally, it also gives users the ability to control their friend’s screens or even share control of theirs so everyone can work together on projects when needed.

Finally, Parsec provides full HD streaming quality, which makes videos look amazing no matter what device they’re being viewed on.

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Scener is perfect for watching movies and shows with friends in a virtual theater setting. It allows users to create up to 10 “rooms” where groups of people can watch any video at the same time, chat in real-time and even share reactions using integrated avatars.

Additionally, it provides convenient features such as pause control, so everyone stays together throughout the movie no matter how many pauses and rewinds are needed.

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Designed as an alternative to watch2gether, Uptime brings a whole new way of experiencing streaming videos with friends or family without any compromises in performance.

It comes with real-time chat features, integrates gaming services for gamers who want to stream their sessions and even supports virtual effects so users can be creative when watching together.

Additionally, it is available on all major platforms and can be used on both iOS and Android devices.

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Another great streaming service that is capable of supporting up to eight people at a time, Blatube focuses on bringing its users together for engaging watch parties with their friends.

It has multiple video formats support as well as integration with over 30 social networks, so you never have to worry about connecting if your contacts are not currently online.

Additionally, Blatube also provides fast loading and easy navigation, so you can always watch your favorite content with a click.

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One of the most popular applications for gamers, Discord gives users the chance to connect with their friends in real time from anywhere around the world.

It also has great video quality, which ensures smooth streaming, along with plenty of features such as audio conferences and file-sharing services for creating larger collaborative sessions when needed.

Plus, it is designed specifically to be compatible with all major gaming platforms, making it a great choice for video gamers.

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Plex VR:

Plex VR

An interesting alternative to watch2gether is Plex VR.

This virtual reality application provides an immersive experience that allows users to join each other in an interactive 3D environment where they can watch their favorite movies and shows together while chatting or playing games side-by-side.

It also supports up to four people at once, so you don’t have to worry about leaving anyone out.

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rabbit tv

One of the oldest watch-together streaming solutions, has been around since 2011 and continues to be popular today because of its wide selection of content and feature-rich user experience.

It supports both mobile versions as well as desktop platforms so that users can stream even when on the go and provides real-time chat capabilities with up to seven participants for friends who want an engaging movie night.

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Another great watch2gether alternative is Andchill which introduces a cool lounge-like atmosphere in which users can join their friends in watching movies, shows and more without any complications.

It supports multiple languages as well as popular streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, so there’s always something available to view at any time of day or night.

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Featured is designed to help users find the best watch parties and streaming sessions that can be seen in their area.

It comes with several features such as voice chatroom capabilities, real-time video synchronization tools and even support for external devices like Chromecast or Fire Stick so that viewers don’t have to worry about missing out on any great content.

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If you want a more impromptu solution, Popitalk is ideal for users who want to be able to create a video chatroom without any prior notice.

It connects easily with over 30 different online services, including Facebook, YouTube and more, so you can stream whatever you want from anywhere in the world and share your favorite content with others within minutes.

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A robust program that boasts several features suitable for both personal use and businesses alike, Synaptop also offers support for watch2gether type streaming services.

It has great video quality that can be streamed with up to 10 people in different locations and provides reliable connectivity, so all participants stay connected throughout the entire movie or show without any interruptions.

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Similar to watch2gether, Syncplay allows viewers worldwide to join together for watch-together sessions without being separated by distance.

Aside from having excellent sound and picture quality, it also comes with cloud storage space where users can store their favorite movies or shows for later viewing as well as browsing capabilities that make it easy to find the content they want without taking too much time.

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Proving itself to be an efficient streaming solution, Synctube enables users to watch videos together with friends and family while providing features such as voice chat and real-time synchronized viewing so everyone can enjoy the same precise show at the same exact moment.

It also supports up to 20 simultaneous participants for even larger groups or family events.

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Twoseven is similar to other streaming solutions in that it provides users the ability to watch their favorite videos and shows together from any device, but a great feature that sets it apart from many services is its “start” button which allows one user to set off playback across all devices at once so everyone can join between episodes without needing to coordinate timing prior.

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For a more music-oriented streaming experience, Beatsense allows users to create their own virtual radio station that other people can join and listen to together.

It supports up to eight different users at once who are automatically synced into the same timezone for easy synchronizing as well as live chat rooms so everyone gets a chance to discuss and share their favorite tunes.

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Hyperbeam is geared towards gamers who want to stream their gaming sessions and have real-time interactive watch parties with friends from any device.

It offers excellent performance as well as several features, including support for games such as Fortnite, Minecraft or Call of Duty so users can get the most out of their playtime.

Plus, it also has chatroom capabilities which make communicating with others during online matches even easier.

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Sharetube is designed especially to provide a great experience when watching YouTube videos with several people.

It can support up to three users at once who are able to communicate through in-app messages as well as invite others without any issues and even has auto pause sync so all viewers can stay on the same page, no matter the viewing device they use.

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Showgoers allow users from anywhere around the world to watch Netflix shows together in real-time.

It also includes several features such as chatroom capability and audience polls so everyone can engage with each other during the show, provides support for up to nine viewers at once and is available on both iOS and Android devices in case you’re watching away from home.

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Another great alternative to watch2gether is Simulchat which offers a variety of features specifically catered to business professionals who need an efficient streaming service.

It has a secure privacy feature that is best used for industry-related watch parties, provides synchronized features between viewers and can support up to five users at once.

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Synchtube enables Netflix fans to have their own virtual theater where they can invite their friends over so everyone can enjoy the same movie together in one room.

Aside from streaming videos, it also offers real-time chat capabilities with up to 32 participants as well as voice chat so everyone can interact during the show.

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Formerly known as Netflix Party, Teleparty (or TP) is a great streaming service used to watch movies and shows with others from across the globe.

It offers several useful features such as chatroom capabilities, fast loading times for seamless streaming and support for up to 1000 viewers at once for larger groups of friends or family gatherings.

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For those who want to join watch parties organized by other people, Watchpubs is an excellent service that provides users with a world of events they can attend or host themselves.

It offers great video quality with no lag as well as integrated voice chat and streaming support for services such as YouTube, Twitch or Vimeo, among others.

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For Japanese animation fans, Animeparty stands out from many watch-together solutions thanks to its convenient specialization in anime streaming.

It supports up to 15 users at once with multiple servers, so connection times are always low; it provides excellent picture and sound quality, as well as several unique features such as custom avatars for each viewer and the ability to sync across multiple devices if needed.

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What is Watch2gether?

Watch2gether is a free international service that allows you to create an online space where people can come together and watch any type of video synchronously over the internet.

It is equipped with a chat function for group conversations and supports multiple devices, including but not limited to Web browsers, smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles and Smart TVs.

watch2gether also offers an array of features such as HD visuals and audio along with dedicated server clusters so each user can experience polished performance while watching together in real time.

Watch2gether Not Working? Explained

For those who have experienced issues when using watch2gether, some of the most common problems include experiencing slow or interrupted playback, sound and/or video glitches during streaming as well as being unable to join a watch2gether room.

In any case, there are troubleshooting steps one can take, such as making sure their internet connection is working fine or checking for any updates that may be needed for third-party applications used by the platform.

Watch2gether FAQs

What devices does watch2gether support?

Watch2gether currently supports multiple devices and platforms, including PC/Mac browsers, iOS/Android smartphones and tablets, Smart TVs, as well as game consoles such as the Xbox One.

Can I stream my own videos with watch2gether?

Yes – you can easily upload your favorite videos to their servers so others can join them in your watch party. Additionally, you can also stream from platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo.

How many people can take part in one room at the same time?

You can add up to 20 people for a single watch party, although it is important to note that not all devices support more than 8 simultaneous users (such as tablets and smartphones). Check their supported device page for further details on compatibility with different types of gadgets.

What types of videos can I watch via a watch2gether room?

Almost any type of video or audio file is supported for streaming through watch2gether, including popular formats such as MP4, MOV and AVI. Additionally, you can also stream from websites such as Netflix and YouTube, among others.

Does watch2gether charge for its services?

The core features of watch2gether are free to use, but if you want additional features, such as an integrated voice chatroom or unlimited streaming time, there are subscription plans available. Check their pricing page for more details on the different options they offer.

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