Vex 5 unblocked offers a unique gaming experience in physics-based puzzle games. Despite being a free game, it may be blocked in some schools or workplaces, but fear not, for there are ways to access it.

Vex 5

How Can You Play Vex 5 Unblocked At School/Work?

Schools or workplaces may restrict access to certain games like Vex 5, but there are ways to get around this. You can sidestep these restrictions by using a VPN or a proxy server.

Some cloud gaming services may also offer alternatives to play such blocked games. But ensure that you’re adhering to the rules and regulations of your institution while doing so.

Vex 5 Unblocked At School Work

Top 3 Ways To Access Vex 5 Unblocked


One of the most common ways to access blocked content is through a proxy server. This server is an intermediary between your computer and the website you want to access. To use this method:

  1. Go to a proxy website like or ProxySite.
  2. Enter the URL of the Vex 5 game in the search bar.
  3. Click “Go” or “Access,” and you will be redirected to the game.

Cloud Gaming Service

Cloud gaming services like NVIDIA GeForce Now and Google Stadia can be another option to play Vex 5 if it is in their game library. Here’s how:

  1. Sign up for a cloud gaming service.
  2. Search for Vex 5 within the service’s game library.
  3. Play the game directly through the cloud, bypassing any local restrictions.

Cloud Gaming Service


Chrome browser extensions can also facilitate access to restricted games like Vex 5. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Install a Chrome extension like UltraSurf or ZenMate.
  2. Once installed, activate the extension.
  3. Browse to Vex 5, and you should be able to access it without any hurdles.

Vex 5 Unblocked- Gaming Guide

Vex 5 requires you to control a robot named Vex through various puzzles, leveraging physics and gravity to advance.

The game was developed by Northern Games and initially released in 2015. Over the years, it has gained quite a following due to its intriguing gameplay mechanics.

Vex 5 Unblocked- Gaming Guide

Best Features Of Vex 5 Unblocked

  • Physics-based Gameplay: One of the most enticing aspects of Vex 5 is its use of physics. The game involves complex puzzles that require an understanding of mechanics and gravity.
  • Multi-Platform: It is available on several platforms, including Steam, iOS, and Android, making it accessible to a broad audience.
  • High Replayability: The game offers various levels and challenges that keep players returning, increasing its replay value.
  • Free To Play: Vex 5 is free, which makes it an attractive option for those looking for quality gaming without spending money.

Popular Games Like Vex 5

  1. Portal
  2. Limbo
  3. The Talos Principle
  4. Inside
  5. Fez

Popular Games Like Vex 5


Vex 5 unblocked offers a unique experience in online gaming, particularly for fans of physics-based puzzle games.

While it may be restricted in some environments like schools or workplaces, there are various means like using a Proxy, Cloud Gaming Services, or Chrome extensions to bypass these restrictions. Its features, like physics-based gameplay and high replayability, make it a game worth trying.


Is Vex 5 Unblocked Safe and Legal?

Yes, playing Vex 5 is entirely safe and legal. However, if you use methods like VPNs or proxy servers to bypass institutional restrictions, comply with their policies.

What is the best VPN for Vex 5 Unblocked?

The “best” VPN can vary depending on your needs, but popular options include NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and CyberGhost. These VPNs offer fast speeds and reliable connections, essential for gaming.

How to play Vex 5 Unblocked on a school Chromebook?

To play Vex 5 Unblocked on a school Chromebook, you can use a Chrome VPN extension or a proxy site. Just ensure you’re following your school’s IT policy before doing so.

Can I play Vex 5 Unblocked offline?

Vex 5 is generally an online game, but some platforms might allow you to download it for offline play. Check the specific platform for availability.

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