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Valorant Server Status

How to Check Valorant Server Status?

Checking the current Valorant server status is crucial for players looking to jump into the game without facing unexpected downtimes or issues. To get the latest updates, you can follow these steps:

  • Official Valorant Server Status Page: To check the server status of Valorant, you can visit the official Riot Games Service Status website, This website provides information on the status of all Riot Games services, including Valorant. If there is an issue with the servers, you will see a notice under “Current Messages”. You can also select your region and language to check on the most recent communications from the developers. If you need further assistance, you can visit the Player Support page.
  • Social Media Platforms: Riot Games often posts updates on their official social media accounts, including Twitter and Facebook. These updates are timely, especially during large-scale outages or maintenance.
  • Community Forums: Websites like Reddit and community-run Discord servers can be excellent resources for finding out about server issues from other players who may experience similar problems.
  • Third-party Status Checkers: Various third-party websites track the status of game servers across many titles, including Valorant. These can provide an alternative source of information, although they may not be as immediate or reliable as the official channels.
  • In-game Client: Sometimes, the game client itself will have a notification upon login if there is a widespread issue or scheduled maintenance that could affect gameplay.

Always ensure that your source of information is reliable and updated to prevent confusion or misinformation regarding the Valorant server status.

Is Valorant Server Down?

When Valorant servers are down, it can be for several reasons, such as scheduled maintenance, unexpected technical difficulties, or an overload of player traffic, especially during new game updates or events. To confirm if the Valorant server is currently down, you can:

  • Check the official Valorant server status page, which is the most authoritative source.
  • Look out for official communications on the Riot Games support Twitter handle.
  • Verify if other players are experiencing similar issues through community forums or social media platforms.

If the servers are indeed down, Riot Games typically provides estimated times for when they will be back up, along with ongoing updates on the situation. Remember to keep an eye out for these communications for the most accurate and timely information.

Is Valorant Server Down

Can I Change Valorant Server?

Players may sometimes wish to change their Valorant server for better ping or to play with friends in different regions. Changing your server is possible, but it’s worth noting that it might not be a straightforward process. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Account Transfer: Valorant does not support on-demand server transfers through the game client or website. The server region is usually set based on your geographical location during account creation.
  • Support Ticket: You may be able to request a server change by submitting a ticket to Riot Games support, although this is generally reserved for players who have moved to a different region.
  • New Account: If you’re looking to play casually on another region’s server, you might consider creating a new account set to that region, but be aware that you’ll start from scratch without any of your unlocked items or progression.
  • Ping Considerations: Before attempting to change servers, remember that playing on a server far from your actual location can result in high latency, which can negatively affect your gameplay experience.

Most Common Valorant Server Issues

Valorant players may encounter various server issues that can impact their gaming experience. The most common problems include:

  • Connection Timeouts: This occurs when your game client cannot establish a connection to the Valorant servers within the designated time frame.
  • High Latency and Ping: Sometimes, the server response is slower than usual, causing lag in the game. This is often related to network congestion or server overload.
  • Login Problems: During peak times or after new updates, players may face issues logging into the game.
  • Matchmaking Errors: Errors can happen when trying to join a game, often indicated by an error code that can help identify the issue.
  • Unexpected Server Maintenance: Servers may occasionally need to be taken down for unscheduled maintenance, causing temporary unavailability.

In each case, it’s important to first verify whether the issue is on your end (such as a local network problem) or if it’s a server-side concern by checking the official Valorant server status.

Most Common Valorant Server Issues


The status of Valorant servers is key to enjoying a smooth gameplay experience. Regular checks on the official Valorant server status page, keeping an eye on Riot Games’ official communications, and staying connected with the community can help you stay informed about any issues or downtimes.

While Riot Games doesn’t offer frequent server transfers, players do have some options if they need to change servers. Understanding common server issues can also prepare you to troubleshoot or anticipate potential disruptions in your gaming sessions.


Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Valorant server status:

How often does Valorant go down for maintenance?

Valorant typically has scheduled maintenance with each major update, which occurs roughly every two weeks. However, emergency maintenance can happen at any time due to unforeseen issues.

What should I do if I can’t connect to Valorant servers?

First, check the official Valorant server status page for any announcements. If there are no widespread issues, troubleshoot your connection, restart your router, or check for any firewalls that might be blocking the game.

Will my rank be affected if the Valorant servers go down?

Riot Games has systems in place to protect players’ ranks from server issues. If a game is disrupted by server problems, the match is typically nullified.

Can server issues result in a ban or penalty?

If you are disconnected due to server issues, Valorant’s system usually recognizes this and won’t penalize you for the disconnection. Repeatedly leaving games or being AFK can result in penalties, however.

How long do Valorant server outages usually last?

The duration can vary significantly, from a few minutes to several hours, depending on the cause and severity of the outage. By staying informed and prepared, players can navigate Valorant server issues with ease and get back to playing as soon as the servers are stable again.

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