These days, we let technology take it over us. It’s everywhere at this point – kitchen, living room, bedroom, work, even our bathrooms. Moreover, it’s difficult to imagine a day without our devices. Even when we go camping, we take our phones and power banks because being disconnected is scary. 

More and more people feel quite overwhelmed because of this. They want to spend time with their friends and family members without getting distracted by their devices. It can be the reason for the great board games comeback. 

Even though there are a lot of video and VR games, a lot of people still enjoy table games such as Scrabble, Monopoly, Catan, and Axis and Allies. These games are not only entertaining, but they also can benefit your mental health. 

If you want to persuade your friends to play table games more often, show them the list of top reasons behind the board games comeback:

Sharp your Mind


As you can understand, board games cannot only help you kill time on a Friday night, but they can also make you smarter. You will have a chance to learn new and interesting facts, improve your math, language, and cognitive skills. Also, you will be able to develop resource management and strategy skills and delay cognitive decline. 

So, if you want to improve your vocabulary and master strategic thinking skills, play Scrabble. You can always use word unscrambler to help yourself in the very beginning. Later, you will understand the strategy and be able to play like a pro.

Creative people will definitely enjoy playing Dixit. This game requires team players to tell stories and read each other’s minds. 

There are a lot of board games that can help you to improve your math skills: Head Full of Numbers, Prime Club, Equate, Monopoly, Ticket to Ride.

Take a break from your Phone


Let’s be honest, if someone tells you they don’t have a phone and social media accounts, you would say that it’s crazy! The smartphone addiction, also known as nomophobia, is a thing today. According to the latest statistics, two out of three people are addicted to their mobile devices. 

Compulsive use of smartphone applications and the Internet can lead to anxiety, stress, and exacerbating attention deficit disorders. 

Playing board games with friends can allow you to take a break from your phone (at least for a while) and make you more social. 

Chatting with people on Facebook or meeting them on Skype is not as great as sitting with friends in one room and seeing their reactions up close. 

 Use it as a great ice Breaker


How do people behave at parties when they don’t know anyone there? They usually check their phones every two minutes and pretend they are really busy. In case you are going to host the party, consider playing some board games. 

You can play Monopoly with people you have never seen before, and you will still have a lot of fun! 

There are a lot of board games that your adult friends won’t find cheesy. For instance, you can play Sheriff of Nottingham, Dead of Winter, Legendary, Settlers of Catan, or Tsuro: A Game of the Path. These games will make you think and laugh a lot. 


Promote your child’s Development


You can’t force your kid to sit behind the desk and read one book after another. Kids want to run, laugh, and play games! Board games can be beneficial for your child’s development. 

First of all, your kids will have a chance to learn how to achieve goals. Predicting an opponent’s strategies requires some knowledge and a lot of practice.

Secondly, playing board games can enhance the problem-solving approach. The thing is that table games require players to analyze the current situation and look for creative solutions. 

So, if you want to spend quality time with your children, start playing board games with them. It can not only promote healthy child development, but it can also make you a bit closer and help you create warm memories together.

Enhance your Well-Being 

It has been proven that board games can help individuals to reduce the chances of developing cognitive problems. Also, playing can strengthen relationships with your family members and friends (it’s a great ice breaker, remember?). That’s why people of all ages should spend more time playing board games rather than watching television or checking their Instagram. 

The Bottom Line

If you want to relieve daily stress, be social and have a lot of fun, start playing board games more often! They won’t only help you to take a break from your mobile device, but they will also sharpen your mind by improving your critical thinking skills. 

According to numerous studies, brainstorming board games can promote child development and improve memory in old age. So, what are your plans for next Friday night?game

Richard is an experienced tech journalist and blogger who is passionate about new and emerging technologies. He provides insightful and engaging content for Connection Cafe and is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments.