Whether you need to add foreign language support to your video content by transcribing or reach a wider audience through captions, There are several advantages of adding a transcription to your media content. All businesses can squeeze more value from their multi-media content through media transcription.

According to a source, 69% of viewers watch the videos on mute, which makes captions and transcription even more important for better engagement. Here, we explain ten advantages of adding transcription to your multimedia content.

Top Advantages of Transcriptions

Foreign Languages Support

Transcription opens the gateways to reach a vast audience. As per Statistica’s January 2023 report, there are more than 2.6 billion active Youtube users globally. This means YouTube has earned recognition as the top video search engine. Since not all users understand English, proper video transcribing helps the non-vocal audience. Not just this, but all the translated captions also aid in ameliorating the SEO score of these videos. Thus, it is essential to go for reliable transcription services such as Verbit Go’s transcription services for easier understanding and breaking the language barriers across borders. 

Enhanced Re-Usability & Shareability Of Content

Transcription elevates the re-usability and shareability of your multimedia content. Having proper transcriptions of your audio and video files give you the freedom to create new pieces of content. There are tools in the market that you can use to create a short reel through the transcription of your video and post it on social media content for better reach.

Moreover, you can create podcasts, e-books, and several other useful contents from the transcription of your media files. On top of all this, transcriptions act as a learning aid for several students.

Better SEO

When you start transcribing your media content, you will witness that their SEO has also improved. You know that the Google search engine cannot decipher videos to present you with the best results. However, since transcription allows search engines to crawl through the entire audio/video texts, the media files get indexed and have an optimized search rank swiftly. This has further impacted the conversion rates too.

Elevated Engagement For Better Brand Image

Today, viewers love captions. According to research, 80% of viewers in a focus group preferred watching media content when captions were available. So, video captions and transcriptions have become critical and a necessity for better engagement of multimedia content.

Offering the media content with closed captions and transcription will improve engagement, promoting the brand image in the eyes of your users. Moreover, it further strengthens your brand’s commitment to digital inclusion.

Wide Spread Of Information

When it comes to video and audio content, video offers better engagement among viewers than audio content. It is more challenging to apprehend the whole audio file without any aid. However, with proper transcription in a digital format, you can make your audio content even more understandable.

Moreover, you can expand the reach of your content by sharing the transcription over your website or social media platforms. Having transcription in a digital format for your multimedia content gives you the freedom to spread your content to a wider audience without going through any unnecessary trouble.

Helping Hand For Deaf Viewers

Transcriptions and closed captions for audio or video content offer a helping hand to hearing-impaired viewers. Transcriptions act as a solid alternative for deaf viewers to understand the audio content, whereas closed actions act as a visual aid for them in the video content.

Adding transcription and closed captions to your multimedia content will grant access to your content to hearing-impaired users, further widening your audience base.

Better Experience In Sound-Sensitive Environments

There are many scenarios in daily life where you cannot understand the audio of media content properly, like traveling in a noisy train, commuting in a public bus, buying something in a crowded market, etc. The audio content becomes obscured, which decreases the engagement of users with your content. 

Closed captions come in handy in these situations. Viewers can use captions to understand the content without any audio properly. They can enjoy the videos peacefully even when the audio is not available. Moreover, closed captions allow viewers to understand the content in sound-sensitive environments like libraries, offices, etc.

85% of content on Facebook is played without any audio while auto-playing, which further elevates the need for captions and transcription for the multi-media for better understandability and engagement.

Media Insights

Media data embodies complete video intelligence with captions, keywords, transcripts, topics, and Adwords. This enables both viewers and search engines to get full database access that can be used in different ways. Thus, the transcription helps in binding the video metadata, including tags, summaries, and titles, with the whole package of media data that has all vital information in one place.

Increased Retention

When your media files include captions, they become a powerful asset for both oral and visual instructions. Students and personnel tend to understand and retain the information in a better way. This special combination helps in creating easily digestible content for the audience. They find them highly useful, and students get the most advantages from the same. It is because students’ learning abilities and clarity on the subject get highly developed. 

The Bottom Line

Transcription and captions add several perks to your audio and video files. We have explained the major one in this article. They widen the reach of content and improve their understandability aspect. So, rising businesses, entrepreneurs, and content creators should transcribe their media files for better accessibility and engagement.

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