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Splatoon 1 Server Status

How to Check Splatoon 1 Server Status?

To check the server status for Splatoon 1, you have a couple of options:

  1. Nintendo’s Official Network Maintenance Information: You can visit Nintendo’s official website for network maintenance information and operational status. This site provides details on the current online service status, any ongoing maintenance, and future maintenance schedules for all their network services. You can access this information at Nintendo’s Network Maintenance page.
  2. JelonzoBot for Splatoon 1: Another resource is the JelonzoBot website, which offers detailed information specifically for Splatoon 1, including stage schedules and possibly server status updates. You can visit the Splatoon 1 dashboard on JelonzoBot at

Is Splatoon 1 Server Down?

As of the latest update, the Splatoon 1 servers are operational with no significant issues reported. However, determining if the server is down can sometimes be tricky. Signs of a server being down include an inability to connect to the game, getting disconnected mid-game, or unusually long loading times.

If you suspect the server is down, it’s recommended to check official sources like the Nintendo website or their social media channels for confirmation and updates. In case of a server outage, patience is key as the technical team usually addresses such issues promptly.

Additionally, players can also refer to online gaming forums and discussion boards to see if other players are experiencing similar issues, which can be an early indicator of server problems.

Is Splatoon 1 Server Down

Can I Change Splatoon 1 Server?

For Splatoon 1, server change is not an option for players. The game operates on a single server located in Japan, and this setup is integral to how the game is managed and played globally. This limitation means that players worldwide connect to the same server, ensuring a unified gaming experience.

However, this also means that players cannot switch to different servers as they might in other online games. This design choice impacts aspects such as match-making and latency, particularly for players in regions far from Japan.

Most Common Splatoon 1 Server Issues

  1. Server Disconnects: These can happen abruptly during matches, kicking you back to the lobby. They can be caused by server overload, maintenance, or regional network instability.
  2. Matchmaking Difficulties: Finding players for online matches can take longer than usual due to a decreased player base. You might also encounter error messages related to matchmaking.
  3. Lag and Rubberbanding: Laggy gameplay with character movements popping back and forth can be frustrating. This can be caused by high server load, distance from the server, or even your own internet connection.
  4. Limited Server Uptime: While community efforts maintain servers, they might not be available 24/7. Certain times of day or weekdays might see less uptime compared to peak hours.
  5. Matchmaking Region Restrictions: You might be limited to finding matches within your region due to the smaller player base, potentially reducing your game choices.
  6. Maintenance Periods: Occasional maintenance for the community-maintained servers is necessary. These can be announced on community platforms like Discord or Reddit.

Most Common Splatoon 1 Server Issues


In conclusion, while Splatoon 1’s server is generally reliable, players may occasionally encounter issues. By staying informed through official channels and being part of the game’s community forums, players can better navigate any server-related challenges.

Understanding that server changes are not possible and familiarizing oneself with common issues can also enhance the gaming experience.


How can I check if the Splatoon 1 server is down?

Check the official Nintendo website or their social media channels for real-time updates on the server status.

What are the most common Splatoon 1 server issues?

Common issues include connection errors, game crashes, and account-related problems.

Can I change my server in Splatoon 1?

No, Splatoon 1 operates on a single server, and players cannot switch to different servers.

What should I do if I encounter a problem with the Splatoon 1 server?

Restart your device, check your internet connection, or contact Nintendo’s customer support for assistance.

Where else can I find information about the Splatoon 1 server status?

Online gaming forums and Splatoon community forums are good resources for updates and player experiences.

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