In the past few years, cloud computing has emerged as a powerful way of earning for small to large enterprises. Large organizations are already making millions from it. SMEs are also adopting cloud-enabled SaaS, PaaS and NaaS services to drive their business growth. Let’s explore this technology together:

1). Enhanced Productivity

Cloud computing provides access to resources from anywhere, anytime. Thus, employees can adopt a better environment for collaborating within the premises. This transparent behaviour of the organisation allows employees to share data and work on projects together. They can achieve their targets in real-time and share data remotely.  They can finish their work in the comfort zone. It increases their productivity.

2). Flexibility

A Gartner survey concluded that- most CEOs prefer cloud computing in their working environment to achieve agility and innovation. Cloud provides an agile platform for development to testing. It fully incorporates with the growing demand of the organisation. The on-demand services allow businesses to acquire resources anytime at minimal cost. They will only pay for what they use. Companies can leverage the scalable resources from anywhere- suppose if your business demands more storage or more infrastructure- you can manage it in just a few clicks. Depending upon the demand- they can scale up and down resources. It means organisations can operate efficiently without any trouble.

3). Available all the time

Almost all cloud vendors are reliable in providing efficient solutions to their customers. They mostly have 99.99 percent uptime in maintaining their physical infrastructure. Until you are connected to the internet, you will have access to their resources. Even a few applications also work offline.

4). Cost Effective

Cloud computing companies such as Amazon Web Services follow pay as you go approach,
plus, many AWS alternative vendors also follows the same billing technique to help you
save money. You can pay monthly based on the vendor’s plan. You don’t need to invest a
large amount for setting up a physical infrastructure which is very expensive as they
require physical resources, networking setup, security and many more concerns. Even
cloud saves your maintenance costs because the service provider will take care of it. The
service provider is also responsible for providing updates from time to time for keeping
your resources secure.

5). Advanced Technology in Your Hand

If your business requires advanced technology solutions like artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data analytics, IoT- don’t worry. Unlike in traditional computing system which required you to write thousands of line of code to develop such applications, cloud vendor offers a flexible platform for their development. Services like AWS Lex, IoT Core, Polly etc., allows you to develop an advanced automated application on their platform. You can develop automated chatbots, perform predictive analysis etc., and integrate it with product from available APIs. To explore full AWS services, you can join AWS Developer Training, which covers the detailed explanation of computing to PaaS like services available on their platform.

6). Easy Development

Cloud makes development easier by providing an efficient platform to developers. Here, the developer can perform all the operations such as write, test, deploy application at a single place. The Platform-as-a-Service feature of the cloud allows you to eliminate the extra effort on creating a machine or server platform to deploy or test application. Here, one can directly upload their program and get the desired output in no time.

7). Software-as-a-Service

You just want to implement a service on your platform. Suppose you want to include OTP service on the login platform of your website. You don’t need to worry about the development, just use the vendor’s API and start serving to your customer. Apart from it, various products are available over the cloud which are offering feasible solutions to their successfully execute your business. Products like spreadsheets, Salesforce CRM, Hubspot marketing tools etc., are making it easier to attract, convert, close and delight customers in very effective ways.

8). Storage

Cloud scalable storage service allows you to store your sensitive information without any trouble. You can access them from anywhere. Here, you can create a backup of your data to keep it safe in case of cyber attacks. You can recover it anytime.

So, you can see how beneficial is cloud computing for your business. Don’t waste your time, adopt it in your work culture by today only.

Richard is an experienced tech journalist and blogger who is passionate about new and emerging technologies. He provides insightful and engaging content for Connection Cafe and is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments.