Tarisland appeared to replace World of Warcraft, which disappeared from the Chinese market, and offer the whole world a cross-platform competitor from the well-known studio from the Celestial Empire Tencent.

    Players will choose from 5 races and a variety of professions, and the main action will unfold on the war-torn continent of Teris.

    The most captious users can find many similarities with the World of Warcraft – this is not surprising, because it was he who inspired the developers to create their own MMO RPG, which will be presented all over the world.

    You can now set off to conquer Teri’s continent, focusing on this guide, or order a Tarisland boost and immediately go to end-game content and PVP.

    Features MMO RPG Tarisland

    The project will use a self-combat and leveling system without the possibility of automating the farming and grinding process.

    The player will choose one of 5 races and classic professions:

    • Ranger
    • Mage
    • Paladin
    • Priest
    • Warrior
    • Bard


    A classic ranged warrior with the ability to hunt monsters and other players, set traps, and tame pets to control them.

    Specialist in camouflage and terrain orientation.


    An elemental lord and a character who emphasizes mental powers more than physical ones.

    Can subdue and use the elements of fire, water, lightning, and earth.

    The profession allows you to concentrate your power, dependent on the mana parameter, to attack single and group targets, depending on the situation and the requirements of the situation.

    Each mage can come up with a specialization of increased AoE damage and area damage, or concentrated elemental damage on a single enemy.


    A paladin is a protected warrior who adheres to the concept of light in all circumstances and situations.

    You can develop your hero in two ways.

    1. This is a classic tank with high defense and healing rates.
    2. An attacking class that uses its hammer as a melee weapon.

    In any of his choices, the Paladin perfectly adapts to any game situation and is used both for attacks on enemies and monsters and single pumping and in raids and dungeons to protect the entire group.


    A classic healing class, without which it is difficult to imagine an active grind and mass extermination of monsters. Clearing raids, especially of high difficulty, is not complete without a healer, due to the high probability of death during mass attacks and negative effects that rapidly reduce health.

    Contrary to classical schemes, healers can choose one of two branches of development.

    1. It boils down to healing wounds and removing negative effects, accelerated regeneration, and resurrection of an ally in any amount and with a high speed of casting spells.
    2. Deals attacks from long distances with the help of light magic in terms of fighting against darkness and destroying opponents to help his allies, but without serious tools to help and heal.

    Choosing an attack role does not mean that your priest will be useless in his main role – a support class, it only means that you will have fewer skills for instant and effective healing, but will be able to help your group deal damage, especially in raids and battles against other players.

    The key difference between humans and elves in the choice of race for the priest only affects the nature of healing magic – it will be classical church or magic of nature and forests.


    A classic melee hero with simple mechanics and a wide range of weapons that he can use to achieve his goals.

    In total, the player can choose two active specializations for the Warrior class – defender and rage.

    The defender uses a shield and a sword, and in addition to dealing physical damage, he also withstands damage from enemies and covers his group, but does it worse than a paladin.

    Rage allows you to use any type of weapon, including two-handed ones, to activate temporary skills that increase damage and accelerate your ability to attack and destroy enemies. Skills are especially effective in a raid, where in a short time the warrior knocks down most of the boss’s health if you ensure his safety and survivability.


    Not all MMO RPGs have a bard class, so for many players, this choice will be a unique experience.

    Bard is an offensive support class that uses music to support allies and weaken enemies.

    You can even choose your own musical instrument with which to progress in the game world.

    By playing for your allies, you will increase their combat characteristics and increase their level of regeneration and weaken enemies by reducing their parameters.

    The Bard is an enjoyable class to play, a welcome addition to any fireteam, and a source of bright and charismatic animations and songs.

    Optimal class for the game

    To better explore the world of Tarisland, you need to choose relatively simple but effective attacking classes, or Bard, since he is a support hero and you will always find yourself a group and will not be pumped alone.

    It is better to choose a warrior or a ranger – these are heroes who use physical damage, have a relatively good margin of safety and maneuverability, and have powerful health reserves in order to be able to make mistakes and coordinate the situation avoiding a lethal outcome.

    Who is better to play if you like battles with other players


    The class feels great at long distances, already manages to deal heavy damage while the enemy is just approaching it, and can set traps and use disguise.


    In the context of PvP, the ice element is better suited, since it not only deals heavy damage but also imposes a strong slow on the enemy, which does not allow it to reach its full potential.

    If the opponent gets to the mage, then the caster will most likely die, but the hero kills his opponents as quickly as he dies from them.


    Warriors always feel great in combat due to their high defense and health and the ability to activate the rage skill and simply increase all their attacks in strength.

    You can even bring the situation to a critical one, but at the right moment, activate the rage and destroy the enemy in a few critical hits.

    Classes Optimal for PvE


    If you choose the direction of fire, then all your enemies will not only take damage but also burn from the consequences of contact with magic.


    Warriors feel great against a lot of monsters, just destroying them with AoE attacks and activating Rage on cooldown.


    The class has a high AoE potential and a lot of skills to activate AoE and destroy their opponents.


    The hunter can deal rapid damage with skills and simple shots to easily destroy monsters one at a time, or gather them into small squads and kill them with bullets and keep them in traps.

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