Mobile gaming has certainly been on the rise over the past few years and has helped to close the gap between the enthusiast gaming market and the more casual player – no longer are users required to spend a large amount of money on the latest console or newest PC upgrades and it has made gaming as a whole more accessible than ever – but with a growing audience and similar performance across all devices, what are some of the most popular gaming genres on mobile?

    The Best Mobile Games Genre

    Puzzle & PlatformerMobile Gaming’s Favorite Genres

    These two genres are often very similar but have always been a staple in the handheld market. Whether from the early days of handheld consoles such as the Gameboy, to today’s smartphones – the reason is often very simple too. These games aren’t too heavy on the system and can be very simplistic, offer some good challenge but aren’t unbeatable for those who don’t have much time to play, and also don’t require huge time investments to progress either as players can hop in and out whenever they like – and for these reasons puzzle and platformer games will continue to remain amongst the most played and most popular. 

    Tabletop and slots

    Replacing the physical brick and mortar casino locations with our mobile devices is becoming much more common along with the shift for punters from betting shops to aps too – there has been a huge amount of growth recently despite shifts in regulation such as Gamestop aimed at reducing options for new players, but the growth for online casinos here hasn’t slowed as different features such as slots are introduced into a whole variety of games. For similar reasons to above, little time investment is required, and players can jump in and out of games, and the flexibility has certainly helped the genre grow.

    Battle Royale

    One of the big trends in gaming still around is within the Battle Royale genre – popularized by names like H1Z1, PUBG, and of course Fortnite, these games were able to find a successful transition from PC to mobile. Unlike the others on this list, BR games require a lot more of a time investment and have a heavy focus on skill, but with a developing competitive mobile gaming market and content opportunities, these games certainly remain a favorite amongst the younger audience and the more competitive minded gamers too. You can buy a number of peripherals to help you along or stick to the default interface and controls on mobile, but if you’ve not tried any form of competitive gaming before, this could be your first step toward doing so. 

    These are just a few of the many growing examples too! Trading Card Games had their time in the sun, action and adventure games on mobile are also becoming more sophisticated too – genres across the board are growing in popularity as hardware is able to become more powerful and offer users more from these titles, and within the next few years we may even begin to see the introduction of VR and AR on a wider scale in these games too. 

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