Everybody expects you to get down to business immediately. Make sure the topic of your speech is phrased in a way that is understandable to every single member of your target audience. Even though political speeches are often viewed as very serious, you should not forget that politicians are people, and their job is to make sure the lives of citizens are getting better. What is all boils down to is that it wouldn’t hurt to include one or a few jokes in your political speech. Besides, it may help you gain more supporters.


One of the main goals of political speech writing is to convince the audience and get them to your side. Providing some statistical data and demonstrating visual aids will not be enough. What you need to do is prove why your point of view matters, as well as what good will come of the ideas you have presented. You need to make certain your audience is listening. Otherwise, they won’t remember a thing you said. If you have a story to tell so that to illustrate the point in question, do not hesitate to do so. What is more, do not forget that your speech needs to be emotionally compelling.

Here is the list of questions you need to answer before you get down to political speech writing

  • Is your speech concise and cohesive?
  • Who are you going to speak in front of?
  • What do all members of your audience have in common?
  • Did you include enough visual aids?
  • Is there going to be a discussion?
  • Can you take questions after the speech?
  • Do you expect a big audience?
  • How much knowledge does you audience have regarding the topic under consideration?

When you are dealing with political speech writing, creating an outline is one of the key aspects as it helps you structure major points into separate paragraphs and make certain there is enough evidence to support those arguments. In other words, your political speech should consist of a well-written introduction, main body and conclusion. If you have done it effectively, the chances of delivering your message to the audience are higher.

Taking everything into account, political speech writing is an art of delivering your message within a short period of time and convincing your target audience. That is the reason why it is so important to be prepared and to think everything through. Your political speech needs to be clear, understandable and effective. Make sure you have allocated enough time on the writing process as you will definitely need to rewrite something while working on it. It will also be beneficial to practice presenting it in front of your friends and family as you will get tons of useful feedback, and it will help you make your speech even better.

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