Every order that is placed flourishes when the element of shipment is handled with care. Many small and large scale industries have stepped in this business and are making the lives of customers easier with their praiseworthy services. Numerous diligent people are employed to make this hectic task possible. These hard-working employees work around the clock to deliver that merchandizes across the country. Long and treacherous paths are covered mile by mile to ensure safe and sound distribution of the products ordered. Unforeseen circumstances and tiresome routines are a part of trucking company’s everyday routine. All these issues topped with handling the accounting complications can be a lot for many companies in their initial stages. Everyday companies are quitting this business leaving behind a question as to what has to be done to make this procedure a little less worrying for the old and new vendors. Management of these issues calls for an explication that excels in easy comprehension and resolution of such tasks.

Undoubtedly it is a stated fact that handling finances in log books by hand is not a practical approach in the developing world of technology. Human error is always a hurdle that stands in the way of smooth operations and makes every transaction lengthy and untrustworthy. Not to miss out on the fact that the cost of involving an experienced and knowledgeable finance handler can add to the overall expenses of the company. Even if you have a budget to accommodate such facilities, it might be challenging to place the logbook of your company in the hands of a person outside the company’s inner circle. To cater to this need, software industries have stepped forward to present a way out. The technical nature of the devised solutions has revolutionized the way firm owners look at their accounting technicalities.

Exspeedite understands the needs of the latest trucking companies and brings in their best efforts to be exceptional and reassuring for their operators. This software integrates transaction data, customer information and solicitations to be jotted down in the databases of QuickBooks and Sage.

Having made its name in the corporate world, Intuit launched a supportive and mature way to eliminate common financial errors by the name of QuickBooks. Application of this solution has been bringing a healthy change in the environment of trucking firms. The capacity to strengthen the handling of employees ranging from a team of 50 to more makes this website application credible and commendable. Un-breach able databases make up for the security threats to the clients, employees, and firms financial records. Latest encryption techniques are introduced to ensure data safety at all costs. Going a step further, a revolutionary feature like Auto Backup stands by the clients’ data to safeguard it from any loss that might occur regardless of the reason. It makes the user more stress-free as the operation is performed on its own after a set time interval.

Clients’ data is its biggest asset that has to be just one touch away. Taking advantage of cloud computing, QuickBooks has enabled the databases to be readily available to the clients at any time. Settling financial issues and deals have been made orderly, accessible and manageable. As the world is transferring from computers to handhelds, this component is engineered for all types of devices which can be used by the client. The user is enabled to carry their information to their own clients that prove beneficial in the times of transactions and invoice generation. The mobility of this software guarantees instant check and balance of the trades anywhere at any time.

Having a capacity to produce a report of any transaction is the most essential feature that needs to be highlighted. Initial accounting reports get generated in a customizable way by incorporating elements that are available on the customers’ dashboard. Individual reports for each client gives a sense of originality with every order. Aging Report facility manages the transaction through a continuous running process that is taking place in the background. With every entry and withdrawal of cash, a report is generated against the action. This averts the possibility of running into any issue unprepared.

With informative yet simple fill-in forms, the generation of bills has never been more comfortable. The Cash Flow Management system provides the facility to enter the invoices from vendors in a simple action that consumes less than 2 minutes of time. The client is also regularly updated about the due payments to prevent them from piling up and causing financial losses. All the expenses are monitored from the QuickBooks Application. This software is like a personal accountant with the error-free working capability and an aptitude to save time. Printing and saving invoices are always just a click away for the client.

Intuit understands the daily working of its clients and strives to bring comfort in unimaginable ways. This application lets the user get connected to multiple third-party applications in the market. If a user finds certain comfortable technicalities in other Intuit approved applications, then they can be incorporated with QuickBooks Application.

Carrying out major collaboration with another leading software financial consultant in the market, Sage, Intuit brought ease for the users of both the applications. The standardized and almost similar features shared between Sage and QuickBooks make the transferring from one user interface to another very gratifying. The association turns out to be imperative when the firms who are clients of specific software’s face a change in their team size.

Sage is an application that is used by new firms with a small number of clients associated with them. It is only deeming that the number of clients will increase in time. And it is also possible that compartmentalization of the firm urges to introduce a system that can handle smaller teams. To ensure that the long-standing employees and clients do not lose their data, the shift becomes crucial. With a few simple clicks, the complete set of tables along with their data is copied from the database of one company to the other. The information regarding the clients and the costs can be shared through the tables in the database.

We studied all the functionalities of these two applications and tried to come up with something for the shipping companies. Make your working stress-free and unswerving with the integrated featuring of Exspeedite. Our trucking software program has incorporated two leading brands of the market and brought comfort for the trucking companies. The user-friendly graphical interface makes our application praiseworthy and the first-hand choice for all the companies that provide shipment by trucks.

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