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IRacing Server Status

How to Check IRacing Server Status?

To stay ahead in the virtual racing world, being aware of the iRacing server status is crucial. This knowledge can save you from unexpected disruptions during your racing sessions.

The official server status page is your go-to resource for real-time updates. It provides comprehensive details on the operational status of iRacing servers, including any scheduled maintenance or unforeseen outages.

Is IRacing Server Down?

As of the latest update, the iRacing servers are fully operational. Downtime is a rarity, thanks to the diligent efforts of the iRacing technical team to maintain and upgrade server infrastructure. However, unforeseen issues can arise. Keeping an eye on the official server status page is recommended for the most current information.

Is IRacing Server Down

Can I Change IRacing Server?

Flexibility in server selection is one of iRacing’s strengths. To enhance your gaming experience by reducing lag or connecting with friends on different servers, navigate to the Settings menu, and select Server. This option allows you to choose the server you wish to connect to, ensuring optimal performance and connectivity.

Most Common IRacing Server Issues

Even the most stable platforms can encounter issues. The most common iRacing server problems include:

  1. Connection Problems: A stable internet connection is fundamental for a seamless iRacing experience. Ensure your connection is reliable and that your firewall settings are configured to allow iRacing traffic.
  2. Server Outages: On rare occasions, servers may go down. The official server status page is a reliable source for outage information and updates.
  3. Game Crashes: Keep your graphics drivers up-to-date and consider reinstalling the game if crashes persist, as these are common remedies for stability issues.

Most Common IRacing Server Issues


The iRacing servers are currently operational, providing a stable platform for virtual racers worldwide. Should you encounter any issues, verifying your internet connection and consulting the official server status page are your first steps towards resolution.

Remember, the iRacing community and support team are valuable resources for assistance and information.


What is the official iRacing server status page?

The official iRacing server status page is located at

How can I check the status of the iRacing servers?

Visit the official server status page or use the terminal command provided to check real-time server status.

Can I change the iRacing server that I am connected to?

Yes, through the Settings menu under Server, you can select your preferred server.

What are the most common iRacing server issues?

Connection problems, server outages, and game crashes are among the most frequently encountered issues.

Are there tips for minimizing the risk of encountering server issues?

Yes, maintaining a stable and fast internet connection, keeping your gaming equipment up-to-date, and following the iRacing community for updates can help minimize the risk of server-related issues.

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