How To know if Someone Blocked you on Instagram Story

With many social media sites, it’s easy to stay connected but also to be shut out. It can be tough to know if someone has blocked you or just deactivated your account.

We can help you find out who unfollowed you on Instagram and if you’re blocked on Facebook. But how can you tell if you’re blocked on Instagram?

Instagram doesn’t let you know if somebody blocks you. How can you find out? Discover vanish mode on Instagram and learn how to block someone on Messenger for better privacy control.

Here’s how to check if someone blocked you on Instagram:

Step 1: Search for their profile

To begin, you can conduct a quick search for the person’s profile. If their profile is public and you’re able to view their posts, it indicates that you haven’t been blocked. 

Similarly, for private accounts, if the profile appears with the message “This Account is Private,” it suggests that you haven’t been blocked. 

However, if you notice their profile but can’t see any posts in the display area, it may imply that they’ve manually blocked you from accessing their content. 

Furthermore, if the profile doesn’t appear at all after your search, it could mean that the account has been deactivated or deleted. 

If you’re trying to get in touch with the person, sending them a text message can be a good way to gauge if they’ve blocked your number if the message doesn’t go through.

Step 2: Look at your own profile

Instagram keeps your old comments and tags even if someone blocks you. If you can’t find them by searching, but still see their comment on your post, click their profile.

Instagram doesn’t remove your old comments or tags even if someone blocks you. So, if you can’t find their comments or tags by searching, but still see their comment on your post, go to your profile and click on their name. 

If their profile appears without any photos, it means you’re blocked, just like in the first method. 

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Step 3: Finding on the internet

You can find someone’s Instagram profile by typing into your internet browser. Simply replace “username” with the person’s actual handle. 

If you’re logged in and encounter an error message saying “Sorry, this page isn’t available,” it’s likely that you’ve been blocked.

To verify if the account is still active, log out of your own account and search again using an incognito browser.

If you can view the profile in this mode, it confirms you’ve been blocked. If not, it suggests the account may have been deleted or deactivated.

Step 4: Review Your Messages

In the world of Instagram, if someone blocks you, your chat history with them vanishes. So, if you suspect you’re blocked, head to your messages. If you can still spot your conversation, you’re in luck – you’re not blocked. But if it’s nowhere to be found, chances are you’ve been blocked. 

Another clue: look at the group chats you both are part of. If their name shows up in those group chats but nowhere else, it’s a strong indication that they’ve blocked you. So, peek into those chats for a hint about their status.

Step 5: Try to follow them again

If you can see their profile, try clicking the “Follow” button. If they blocked you, you can’t follow them.

If blocked, tapping “Follow” won’t work. The button will stay there, but you can’t press it.

They won’t know you tried. It’s like not getting notified when someone screenshots your Instagram story.

Importantly, the person won’t receive any notifications about your attempt to follow them. This lack of notification is similar to how Instagram doesn’t inform users when someone takes a screenshot of their story.

Step 6: Try a Different Instagram Account or Device

When it comes to figuring out if someone has blocked you on Instagram, one method is to Utilize different Instagram accounts or devices.

By logging in from a different account or using a separate device, you can search for the person in question. 

If their profile appears normal and accessible from this alternate account or device, it likely means that you have indeed been blocked. 

This approach may provide a clearer indication of your status on their account. If you find yourself blocked, it’s important to reflect on the possible reasons behind it and consider the impact of your interactions.

Let’s be careful about what we share and how we behave online. Following these social media rules might prevent you from being blocked. 

If someone’s bothering you with too many notifications, like spamming your Instagram Stories, look up “Instagram quiet mode” and “How to restrict on Instagram” for other solutions than blocking.

If you’re worried about your privacy but don’t want to block someone, learn how to hide likes on Instagram. Even if Instagram doesn’t tell someone they’re blocked, they might figure it out.

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