There is a big difference between playing at physical casinos versus online casinos. While you use your physical card at the brick-and-mortar casinos, your card information is out on the site when you play at online casinos.

Even though licensed online casinos are already focusing on data security, there have been examples of cybersecurity breaches in the industry. This is where financial technology can potentially play a role.

What is Financial Technology (Fintech)?

Fintech, short for financial technology, is the field of tension between technology and finance. This includes already well-known technologies such as smartphone apps for payment, digital banks, and artificial intelligence. In short, fintech has been the gateway to automate several financial institutions such as investments. 

With fintech becoming a helping hand in improving data security, this opens up new playing possibilities. This way you can play poker, pokies, blackjack online easily. You just have to find your game favorites and start it it right away without having to worry about your personal information becoming compromised.  

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication is an authentication process, that is already used for several mail and banking services. With MFA, you have to verify their identity through multiple factors such as an app on their mobile device or biometrics such as Face ID. 

MFA is one of the most effective ways to secure your accounts, as potential hackers will have to get access to these factors such as your devices. Therefore, it is not unlikely that online casinos will start using MFA to improve data security for players.  

Blockchain Technologies

When talking about fintech, blockchain technology often comes to mind, which many people know from Bitcoin. With blockchain technology, data security is improved, since decentralization and encryption make it very difficult for hackers to get access. 

In terms of online casinos, this means that any transaction can be recorded on the blockchain. Simultaneously, blockchain makes the transactions more transparent.  

AI algorithms

Artificial intelligence and online casinos have often been linked since AI can be used for several purposes. For example, AI can create better algorithms that can create a more personalized and user-centered experience for the players, since AI can monitor user behavior. This way they can receive personalized bonuses and campaigns. 

By monitoring players they can also notice any suspicious activities, which could be signs of either cheating or hacking. This way, AI can become a gatekeeper for any hacking attempts. 

The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in fintech services and online casinos for real money is transforming the landscape of these industries. AI brings a range of innovative features that can enhance user experience, improve security, and optimize operations. Here are some key AI features that could be implemented:

  1. Personalized User Experience: AI algorithms can analyze user data to understand preferences and behaviors. In fintech, this could mean personalized investment advice or tailored banking services. In online casinos, AI can suggest games that users might enjoy based on their playing history or adjust the difficulty level of games to match the player’s skill.
  2. Fraud Detection and Security: One of the most significant applications of AI is in detecting and preventing fraudulent activities. AI systems can monitor transaction patterns in real-time to identify anomalies that may indicate fraud. This is crucial for both fintech platforms, where financial security is paramount, and online casinos, where the integrity of gaming is essential.\
  3. Regulatory Compliance: AI can help fintech services and online casinos navigate the complex landscape of regulatory compliance, automating the monitoring and reporting processes and ensuring adherence to legal standards.
  4. Marketing and Retention Strategies: By analyzing customer data, AI can help tailor marketing campaigns to individual preferences, increasing engagement and customer retention.
  5. Operational Efficiency: AI can automate routine tasks, from transaction processing in fintech to game management in online casinos, improving operational efficiency and reducing costs.

In summary, AI has the potential to revolutionize fintech services and online casinos for real money, offering enhanced security, personalized experiences, and improved operational efficiency. 

“AI w fintech i top kasyno na prawdziwe pieniądze zapewnia personalizację, bezpieczeństwo, wykrywanie oszustw, automatyzację i zgodność regulacyjną.” – Stanisław Szymański, ekspert ds. technologii finansowych

By leveraging AI, these industries can not only optimize their services but also provide a safer, more engaging, and responsible environment for their users.


There is big potential with fintech within the online casino industry. By using technologies we already know from our online banks and apps, online casinos can offer a more pleasant experience, by making it safer and more personalized.  

Richard is an experienced tech journalist and blogger who is passionate about new and emerging technologies. He provides insightful and engaging content for Connection Cafe and is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments.