What Is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage simply means file storage online. Rather than saving all your files to a flash drive or hard drive, for example, you can save them online instead. This is ideal for freeing up space, or keeping any files secure behind a password. When you use cloud storage, you can also access your data from anywhere.

Cloud storage has been favoured by many individuals in the past for personal reasons, but a lot of businesses still aren’t aware of the advantages – and have yet to use the cloud themselves. This type of storage can really help your business, and here we are going to tell you how.


Coffee shop, public transport or office overseas – no matter where in the world you are trying to work from today, the chances are you can connect to the internet very easily. Before cloud storage, it proved very difficult to work outside of the office. Now, we can simply log on, access our files and work from anywhere. Cloud storage has enabled mobility for businesses – meaning that all employees can have access to whatever they need whenever they need it on their phones, tablets or laptops. 


Would you like to eliminate the cost of capital expenditures? If so, cloud storage would be ideal for your business. When you are not having to pay out for the cost of hardware or maintenance, you will find yourself saving substantially. 

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Cloud storage sits within a data centre, which provides your business with fantastic security. The data is backed up to multiple servers, meaning that if one crashes, you won’t have to worry – your data will stay safe because it is stored in other locations. 

Easy To Share

If you have an exact file that you want to share with a client, or if you’ve asked an employee to make changes to a document, data that is stored in the cloud can be easily shared – securely. You can provide other users with a complete account, or simply give them access to one specific folder. 

There are many benefits to using cloud storage for your business – why not make the change today?

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