Psychology can be very good for those running a business, as it can increase your people skills, give you a better understanding of marketing techniques, and even building and designing products. Gaining a doctorate in psychology can give you great in-depth understanding to these and more, and studying a doctorate can give you the knowledge to make your business profitable and run smoothly.

    Marketing Techniques

    There are many human behaviors that a doctorate in psychology will teach you how to understand and use to your advantage within your business. Social proof is a big concept that may marketers use. This theory states that customers will adopt the actions and beliefs of those that they trust. This can be used within social media. Having on public show how many follows or shares a profile or post means others are much more likely to follow or share that post too. Understanding consumer behavior can help improve sales and popularity by following psychological theories depending on your consumer market. This also includes simple things such as reducing things with the previous price on it and introducing special offers for people who hold loyalty cards.


    Psychology is the study of human behavior, which can be incredibly helpful to understand when you oversee people. Finding the correct employees, motivating and keeping them can be one of the hardest parts of running a business. Positive psychology is used a lot in business to increase the productivity of staff. This may include improving employee confidence, team building, offering employees a variety of tasks and focusing on an employee’s strengths rather than weaknesses. Online PhD programs can give you the knowledge and understanding to professionally develop your psychology skills to become a better boss for your employees, aiding your business in several ways. Encouraging employees to boost their education is a powerful motivational tool.

    Product Design

    This is a feature of psychology that people may not have thought of, but a doctorate in psychology could help you enhance and make a product that will sell well through the study of human behavior and consumerism. When testing products, psychology can help us understand why our products maybe didn’t work as we expected. When making products we tend to think about what we think would best offer a solution to the problem we are building a product for. The thing is, we think differently to others. Gestalt principles are often used in product design within psychology, to make a better product that will sell. These include proximity, symmetry, and continuity. These are all proven theories to what consumers look for and want from products, helping you make a product that not only works but sells.

    There are many great reasons why a doctorate in psychology can aid your business and this is not an exhaustive list. Psychology can aid your knowledge of people to understand your employee and consumer needs, to enhance your business and make it the most profitable you can. Never underestimate how much human behaviors can seriously impact on your business, products and selling techniques.

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