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    FIFA 17 Server Status: Is it Working Fine?

    How to Check FIFA 17 Server Status?

    Unfortunately, FIFA 17 online servers are no longer operational. The servers were officially shut down on February 14, 2023, as announced by EA Sports. This means you can no longer play online modes in the game, including Ultimate Team, Online Seasons, and Online Pro Clubs.

    While there are no official channels or third-party websites actively tracking the status of non-existent servers, here are some resources that confirm their closure:

    Official Links:

    Third-Party Websites:

    Is FIFA 17 Server Down?

    FIFA 17 online servers are permanently shut down and haven’t been operational since February 14, 2023. Therefore, the servers cannot be down in the traditional sense, as they no longer exist. You won’t be able to access any online modes like Ultimate Team, Online Seasons, or Online Pro Clubs.

    Is FIFA 17 Server Down

    Can I Change FIFA 17 Server?

    Server connection in FIFA 17 is typically based on geographical location to ensure the best possible gameplay experience by minimizing latency. As such, the game automatically connects players to the nearest server. While this system enhances performance, it means that players cannot manually switch servers at will.

    Some players might consider using VPNs to change their apparent location, but this is not recommended as it can violate EA’s terms of service and potentially lead to account restrictions. Moreover, using a VPN can actually worsen the gaming experience due to increased latency.

    Most Common FIFA 17 Server Issues

    • Matchmaking problems: Difficulty finding opponents or joining online matches, often with error messages or timeouts.
    • Disconnections and lag: Players getting kicked from matches or experiencing lag due to server-client communication issues.
    • Login difficulties: Problems logging in or being stuck in “searching for players” screens.
    • Desync and rubberbanding: Inconsistent gameplay due to server-client communication delays, causing characters to teleport or appear in different locations.
    • Glitches and bugs: Game code issues causing crashes, freezes, or unexpected behavior during gameplay.
    • Progression loss: Data loss of in-game progress (wins, unlocks, etc.) due to server-side problems.
    • Cheating and hacking: Malicious activity by some players disrupting online gameplay and creating an unfair environment.

    Most Common FIFA 17 Server Issues


    In conclusion, while FIFA 17 servers are generally reliable, they are not immune to issues. Players encountering problems are advised to check the official EA website for real-time server status and updates. For ongoing issues, consulting the EA help center and community forums can provide additional support and troubleshooting tips.


    How do I check if FIFA 17 servers are down?

    Visit the official EA Sports FIFA 17 website or check EA’s official social media channels for real-time server status updates.

    Can I play FIFA 17 if the servers are down?

    When servers are down, online features may be unavailable, but you might still be able to play offline modes.

    What should I do if I keep experiencing connection issues?

    Ensure your internet connection is stable and meets the game’s requirements. If problems persist, contact EA support for further assistance.

    Can server issues affect my in-game progress?

    In some cases, server issues can interrupt online matches and affect progress. Always ensure a stable connection to minimize these risks.

    Are there specific times when server issues are more common?

    Server issues can be more prevalent during peak gaming hours, maintenance periods, or when new content is released.

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