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Dark Souls 3 Server Status

How to Check Dark Souls 3 Server Status

In the realm of Dark Souls 3, ensuring a seamless connection to its servers is paramount for an uninterrupted gameplay experience. The official website serves as the primary portal for checking the server status, offering real-time updates on their operational state.

When you visit the site, look for the server status section, typically highlighted on the homepage or dedicated server status page. A green checkmark indicates all systems go, meaning the servers are online and functioning normally.

Conversely, a red X signifies server issues or downtime, prompting players to check back later or seek further information on expected resolution times.

Is Dark Souls 3 Server Down?

As of the latest update, the Dark Souls 3 servers are operational, with no reported outages. This status is subject to change, reflecting the dynamic nature of online gaming platforms. Server statuses are meticulously monitored and updated to provide the gaming community with the most current information.

It’s always a good practice for players to verify the server status through the official website, especially before planning extensive gaming sessions.

Is Dark Souls 3 Server Down

Can I Change Dark Souls 3 Server?

Dark Souls 3 operates on a unified server structure, meaning that players are not able to switch servers at will. This design choice ensures that all players, regardless of location, are part of a single, cohesive online community.

While this approach has its advantages, such as a consolidated player base, it also means that players cannot manually select servers to potentially improve connection quality or join friends in different regions.

Most Common Dark Souls 3 Server Issues

Online gaming is not without its challenges, and Dark Souls 3 is no exception. Players may encounter several common server-related issues:

  1. Connection Errors: Often a result of network congestion, firewall settings, or server-side problems, these errors prevent players from connecting to the Dark Souls 3 servers.
  2. Disconnection Errors: These occur when players lose connection to the servers mid-game, potentially due to unstable internet connections or server hiccups.
  3. Latency Issues: Lag or rubberbanding during gameplay can detract from the Dark Souls 3 experience, caused by factors like poor internet speed or distant server locations.

For troubleshooting, start by checking your internet connection and ensuring your firewall permits Dark Souls 3. Updating your graphics driver and restarting your computer can also help resolve some issues. If problems persist, contacting Bandai Namco support is a recommended course of action.



The Dark Souls 3 servers are currently online, with no significant issues reported. Players experiencing difficulties are advised to refer to the official website for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Remember, maintaining a stable connection and troubleshooting common issues can greatly enhance your Dark Souls 3 experience.


What is the Dark Souls 3 server status?

The Dark Souls 3 servers are currently online.

Can I change the Dark Souls 3 server?

No, the game supports only one server, with no option for changes.

What are the most common Dark Souls 3 server issues?

Connection errors, disconnection errors, and latency issues are the most frequent.

How can I fix Dark Souls 3 server issues?

To address these issues, ensure a stable internet connection, check firewall settings, update your graphics driver, restart your computer, and contact support if needed.

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