Skill is something really matters in the blackjack game even the luck is also prominent to beat the dealer’s hand without going over 21. Winning in this game comes from using effective tactics at the right time. Whether you are pro blackjack players or newcomers, you will need to be familiar with these tricks to bring home as much money as possible.

Today, with the online casinos’ progression, diverse online blackjack variations exist and knowing these basic strategies are essentials. As there is no dealer, how does this online popular game work? In fact, thanks to the RNG or Random Number Generator technology, the player can reach the blackjack game via their PC or mobile devices.

RNGs Effect in the Online Blackjack

The RNG or Random Number Generator is the pillar in the online blackjack which has the role to establish an algorithm of mathematical code in order to make unpredictable outcomes. The program of this blackjack’s brain depends on this so-called “algorithm”; a mathematical formula utilized to produce unequivocally random numbers. It automatically makes long runs of numbers that show random properties one after the other.

When you play blackjack for money, each result is completely independent of the precedent. Moreover, apart from the real blackjack online, this technology is also often used in other fields like scientific simulations and computer programming. But it is very important in casino Internet software and can be seen in the online slot machines, poker, roulette, etc.

Pseudo-Random vs. Hardware Random Number Generator

There are many types of RNGs and two that utilized in the online blackjack are pseudo-random number generator or PRNG and Hardware Random Number Generator or True Random Number Generator. The Pseudo-RNG uses seed number or symbol and an algorithm to create a new number that doesn’t need exterior data to function.

Most of the online casinos prefer involving the Pseudo-RNG than the True Random Number Generator as it is more effective and periodic. So, what is really the difference between them?

  • True Random Number Generators

Hardware Random is a sort external device linked to the casino’s server. As it doesn’t need a seed, it has the role to generate unpredictable numbers. Therefore, you cannot predict the result of the true RNG because there is no seed meaning no algorithm. Compared to the Pseudo-RNG, the true RNG is slower and more expensive. That is the main reason this former is the most preferred in the online casino as it is effective at a lower cost.

  • Pseudo-Random Number Generator

As for the PRNG, it needs a seed and an algorithm to make long sequences by connecting an initial value. In fact, pseudo-random means each outcome may be random so a similar mathematical formula is used to determine each result. Thus, it can be measured and controlled. When you start playing blackjack, the result appears is predetermined. Nevertheless, the main drawback of this software algorithm is that it is possible to crack it. Theoretically, hacking a secured PRNG and change it to produce great gains can be feasible.

Final Words

In online blackjack, the RNG is an important feature to ensure fairness to the gamblers. This technology is also used in other popular casino game like in the well-known slot machines. The result of the games is generated by this technology which is mathematical algorithm produces randomness. But is RNG fair or not?

In the main, there is really no best way to define if this game is really random or not meaning that the randomness cannot be underestimated. Nonetheless, there are effective strategies applied to win the online blackjack. Otherwise, the most important is the excitement and thrills we will feel when we are betting.

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