Despite the fact that everyone knows how time management impacts their productivity, it is still one of the most challenging things to do. Time is a valuable resource, and the challenges of managing it run deep. To understand how to do it, you must understand why it is so difficult to manage time at all, and what time management tools you can use to help you. Here are a few reasons why you are having troubles allocating the 24 hours you have in a day.

  • You have not defined what is important
  • You have too many things to do each day
  • It is difficult to schedule the surprises a day can hold
  • Other people also want your time
  • We are human and procrastination and poor time management are hard-wired in our DNA
  • Technological advancements consume a lot of unnecessary time

Forming bad habits is easy, and they are difficult to break. When it comes to managing your time, a little goes a long way. The following is a list of time management apps that you can use organize and utilize your time efficiently.


This is a free tool that also has premium and business categories that you can get if you pay for them. It all depends on how busy your schedule is and the features that you find most important. It is also available for Android and IOS phones. You can use it on your laptop or tablet too. It is a great app because it helps you assign the items that you need to cover each day. You can easily sync the app, so you have it on your phone and desktop simultaneously. As a bonus, it comes with karma points when you complete your tasks consistently.

Rescue time

If you are uncertain about how well or poorly you use your time, this is an excellent app for you. It will send you weekly reports on what is stealing your time and why you might not be doing all the tasks you have to do each day. It will shock you to learn just how much time you may be wasting.

Focus booster

Is procrastination your biggest problem making you think about how to buy essays online? Well, this one will be perfect for you. It is based on the principles of Pomodoro techniques. It will also be helpful if you feel that you have too many things to complete during the day. It is specifically designed to increase your concentration and deal with any anxiety issues you might have, especially when it comes to dealing with educational pressures.


This is an artificially intelligent app that coordinates your meetings and schedules. It is perfect for business people who need to manage their personal and business responsibilities. It is difficult to book meetings and remain in touch with your personal life. It is even worse if you have to manage both your schedule and that of someone else. This app takes all the legwork and automatically deals with all the back and forth emails that dig into your time. Once you CC Clara on any email, it begins scheduling a meeting as soon as possible.

Kiwake app

Kiwake is an alarm clock that infuses itself into your daily alarm and removes all the temptation to snooze. To wake you up, it offers to solve several puzzles while you are still in bed. These little games hook your attention and stimulate the brainwork. A downside of this app is that to use it you will have to pay for it.


Sometimes you tell yourself, let me check my Facebook messages and notifications for just 5 minutes. You end up spending 2 hours there and panicking because you have accomplished nothing from your schedule. Well, freedom is an app that removes you from all your news and social media sites. It will cut you off from any distracting content once you set the work sessions. It keeps you focused and helps you remain more productive and study harder.  This way, you get more from your day and avoid wasting time when you only want to check your newsfeed for 2 minutes.

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