Familiarize yourself with basic tools in your PDF editor

Ever felt trapped in a sea of static PDFs? You’re not alone. Traditional methods involve frustrating workarounds — converting files, wrestling with formatting, and facing mismatches. But what if there was a better way to edit PDF documents online?

Here’s how to unlock the true potential of your PDF editor for maximum efficiency.

Tip #1: How to edit PDF online (Text)

Look for an editor that treats your PDF like a living document. You should be able to click, edit, and delete text as easily as you would in a word processor. No more exporting, editing, and re-importing — just direct manipulation.

Time is precious. Your editor should empower you to make quick changes, whether it’s fixing a typo, updating a product description, or streamlining a form. Every edit should reflect instantly, saving you valuable minutes (or even hours) on repetitive tasks.

Ideally, your editor should be a font chameleon adapting to the styles present in your PDF. But even if it encounters an unsupported font, there’s no need to panic. Look for a PDF editor that intelligently substitutes the closest available font, ensuring your edits maintain a professional look and feel — like Lumin does.

Tip #2: How to edit PDF online (Images)

Imagine a toolbox filled with image editing options. As an easy-to-use online PDF editor, Lumin offers numerous handy features such as:

  • Arranging images. Need to move an image behind text or bring it forward? Look for tools like “Bring to Front” or “Bring to Back.”
  • Commenting on images. Want to add notes or feedback directly on an image? The “Comment” function lets you attach annotations for clear communication.
  • Deleting images. Sometimes, an image needs to go. Simply use the “Delete” function to remove it from your PDF.
  • Creating hyperlinks. Want viewers to click an image and be directed to a website? The “Hyperlink” function lets you embed clickable links within your images.
  • Resizing and rotating with ease. With Lumin, resizing an image is as easy as grabbing one of the corner handles and dragging it to your desired size. Additionally, it offers a dedicated “Rotate” tool to turn your image clockwise or counter-clockwise for perfect positioning.
  • Bringing images in. Adding images from the web is a breeze. Simply copy the image from its online source and paste it directly into Lumin’s PDF editor. For even more flexibility, you can drag and drop images from your computer files right onto your PDF page.
  • Taking a shortcut. Want to speed up the process? Lumin offers keyboard shortcuts to streamline your workflow. For example, pressing “i” on your keyboard activates the image tool, saving you time and clicks.

Tip #3: How to format your document

Creating polished documents can feel like a time-consuming struggle. Unclear formatting not only looks unprofessional but can lead to confusion and wasted effort. But what if there was an online PDF editing tool allowing you to avoid that?

Luckily, Lumin offers free online PDF templates, providing a pre-formatted foundation for your documents. These templates free you from the burden of having to start from scratch, once again saving you valuable time.

These templates aren’t just about the boilerplate text; they can be customized into visually compelling documents. Think of them as springboards for:

  • Engaging presentations. Transform dry data into impactful presentations by incorporating charts, graphs, and other visuals.
  • Media-rich freedom. Go beyond plain text, as the beauty of templates lies in their flexibility. Enrich your documents with photos, videos, and other multimedia elements to enhance clarity and engagement, effectively communicating your ideas.
  • Device-friendly delivery. The best part? These professionally formatted documents will display flawlessly across all devices, ensuring your team receives your message clearly, no matter how they choose to access it.

Mastering advanced techniques in the PDF editor

Tip #4: How to manipulate page elements

Imagine having complete control over your PDF’s structure — effortlessly splitting, merging, and rearranging pages directly within the viewer so you can finally stop bouncing between editing modes and separate programs.

To make that a reality, Lumin’s PDF editor offers a dedicated “Page Tools” section found in the top right corner. This toolbox unlocks a world of possibilities:

  • Need to create separate documents from a single PDF? The “Split” function allows you to extract specific page ranges for targeted distribution.
  • Combining multiple documents into a single, cohesive PDF is a breeze. The “Merge” function lets you integrate various files into one organized document without extra effort. 
  • Rearrange the order of your pages intuitively. Simply drag and drop pages within the viewer to achieve your desired layout.

Tip #5: How to use annotation tools

With Lumin’s intuitive suite of annotation tools, you can import PDFs from Google Drive or Dropbox straight to the editor in order to:

  • Highlight key points.
  • Add insightful text boxes.
  • Edit text on the fly.
  • Craft fillable forms.
  • Draw freehand for emphasis.
  • Complete pre-made templates.
  • Enrich with images.
  • Craft custom shapes.
  • Redact sensitive information.
  • Clean up your annotations.

Tip #6: How to apply watermarks and stamps

Lumin lets you upload an existing watermark or stamp image and customize it right within the palette tool. You can also adjust transparency for a subtle effect, dragging and rotating to find the perfect placement.

Optimizing collaboration and workflow with a cloud-based PDF editor

Tip #7: Cloud storage integration

Lumin is a cloud-native PDF editor. On top of that, you can establish a link between your account and Google Drive to have an additional backup.

Tip #8: Version control

Don’t fear accidental edits! Lumin’s system keeps track of revisions, enabling you to switch back to the most recent version that has been approved if needed. Plus, a detailed document history acts as an audit trail for complete transparency and peace of mind.

Tip #9: Automation features

As for the automation capabilities that come with its online PDF editor, Lumin ensures that all of the changes you make are always reflected everywhere, and nothing is lost along the way. All you need to do is opt for the auto-sync option.

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