Whilst having the latest phones and gadgets can prove to be very expensive, technology can also save us a decent amount of money. From the ease of digital banking to selling unwanted goods online, technology makes our lives much easier. There are online portals such as SellCell.com that you can visit and sell your mobile phone at the best possible prices. You can even compare your prices in an easy and seamless way. Here are 4 ways that it can help save you time and money.

Comparison And Cashback Sites

Internet technology has now made it possible for us to find out, within a very short space of time, whether we can reduce our monthly financial commitments. Whether it be finding out which mortgage products we may be eligible for or establishing whether we can reduce our energy costs, the information we need is merely a few clicks away. 

Online cashback sites are also becoming increasingly popular. Retailers and suppliers work in conjunction with cashback companies and effectively pay customers to buy from them. Regardless of whether you are buying life insurance or purchasing a new pair of jeans, there could be money to be made.

Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology has developed massively over the last decade. Smart speakers together with smart plugs and other compatible devices, allow us to easily control various items throughout the home. You can now turn on your television with voice control or even switch on your bedside lamps before heading upstairs. Even if you are a hundred miles away, you can turn your heating on or off via an application installed on your mobile or tablet. Whilst not essential, these home technologies can save you a lot of time and money. This technology is becoming so popular that many new home developers are including or offering various smart home alternatives to their customers.

Financial Technology

Mobile banking saves us all a lot of time. Gone are the days of having to visit your local branch to deposit a cheque. Now it is as simple as opening an app and taking a picture. Transferring money or paying bills and other essentials has never been easier. You can even use applications which will save money on your behalf. Apps like Plum are linked to your bank account and will automatically skim money from your account every day. If you have, for example, £327.23 in your account, Plum will transfer £7.23 to a linked savings account. The suggestion is that you don’t particularly notice because only small amounts are being transferred but after a while, your savings start building up.

Online Grocery Shopping

The introduction of online grocery shopping has made things so much simpler and quicker for many of us. A few clicks and within hours your groceries can be ready for collection or, even better, delivered to your door. We all have very busy lives so being able to buy the things you need without even leaving the house is a welcomed alternative. Not only does it save you time but omits the temptation of buying things you don’t need so it can technically save you money too.


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