Due to the popularity of sports in the country, millions of Americans are constantly looking for simple ways to access their preferred sports.

The majority of the growing number of streaming services provide exclusive sports content. 

In this article, we’ll look at the top American sports streaming options.

YouTube TV: is a live TV streaming service that gives you access to many sports channels. Major networks like ESPN, ESPN2, Foxsports1, NBC Sports, and CBS Sports are all available, and you will also have access to YouTube Originals and a sizable library of on-demand content. YouTube is the largest video streaming service in the world.

Hulu: Because they provide high-quality television shows and motion pictures, Hulu is a household name when it comes to streaming in the United States. Additionally, they have live TV channels, which include sports networks like ESPN, ESPN2, Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports 2, NBC Sports, and many more. 

Hulu offers access to a vast collection of on-demand videos from numerous networks in addition to live sports. 

fuboTV: One of the most well-liked sports-only streaming services is fuboTV. It provides access to ESPN, NBC Sports, CBS Sports, Fox Sports, and other live sports channels.

Additionally, fuboTV offers extra subscriptions for worldwide sports coverage and includes regional sports networks.

AT&T TV: lets you watch live TV channels both on your cable and app.

They give channels for watching sports like ESPN, Fox Sports, NBC Sports, CBS Sports, and others. They offer different packages with different channels, including local sports channels.

Amazon Prime Video: is a service that comes with Amazon Prime. It lets you watch sports through special deals and add-ons.

Amazon offers Thursday Night Football games and you can pay more to add other sports channels like CBS All Access (now called Paramount+) and NBA League Pass. Amazon Prime Video makes its own sports films and TV shows.

Sling TV: has many live TV channels, like ESPN, ESPN2, NFL Network, NBA TV, and others.

There are different options available for users to choose from. They can pick the one they like based on what they want to spend. This service lets them watch some of the best sports programs.

CBS Sports: is a platform where people can watch live sports games like football, basketball, and golf.

CBS Sports has a free way to watch videos, but sometimes you need to pay or show proof that you have cable or satellite TV to see special videos.

NBC Sports: streams live sports events like football, hockey, soccer, and others. NBC Sports gives you the option to watch its content on its app or website. However, you may need to confirm your cable or satellite TV subscription to access everything they offer.

Yahoo Sports: provides free live streaming of certain sports events such as NFL and MLB games. It gives information, updates, and studies about lots of different sports. The Yahoo Sports app and website are easy to use in order to watch sports.

Sportsbooks: Sports betting is on the rise in the US and a major benefit these sportsbooks offer is live streaming

The 2022-23 season saw Caesars Sportsbook stream select NFL games directly through their app while Fanduel, another of the top sportsbooks in the US also live-streamed MLB and NHL games.

You must however register and make a deposit to take advantage of the streaming service and also enjoy a huge welcome bonus.

On closer inspection, the Caesars Sportsbook Bonus was the most generous with the best value. 

NFL Game Pass: is the way to watch NFL games on the internet, and it’s made by the NFL. You can watch preseason games that aren’t in your area and catch up on the regular season and playoff games whenever you want. Using NFL Game Pass, fans can watch entire games, short versions of games, and plenty of other NFL content such as documentaries and original shows.

The NBA League Pass: is a way to watch NBA games online. It is approved by the National Basketball Association (NBA). It lets you watch NBA games live or whenever you want, during the regular season and playoffs. NBA League Pass lets you choose how you want to subscribe, so you can either watch all basketball games or just the ones from your favorite teams. It lets you watch more than one game at once, see the game from different camera angles, and view statistics during the game.

MLBTV: offers live baseball games from the Major League Baseball (MLB) league. This lets you watch live and recorded MLB games during the regular season and playoffs. Subscribers can pick between two options: “All Teams” gives access to all games not in your area, while “Single Team” is for watching only one specific team. TV has extra things you can do like recording games, different ways to watch games, and more stuff to see.

NHLTV: this is how you can watch NHL games online. It’s what the NHL officially uses for streaming. This website shows NHL games live or later when you want to watch them during the season and playoffs. TV lets fans watch games that are not in their area. This means they can support their favorite teams from anywhere. The service has extra things like recording, different views, and more stuff to watch.

Tennis Channel Plus: is a service that shows tennis matches from all over the world. You can watch them live or whenever you want. It lets you watch big tennis competitions like the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open. Tennis Channel Plus is a special service that has live tennis matches, interviews with players, and cool things you can’t find anywhere else.

PGA Tour Live: is a way to watch live PGA Tour golf on the internet. During competitions, you can see popular groups and holes, and watch highlights and replays whenever you want. PGA Tour Live has more things to watch, like interviews with players, explaining what happened, and showing footage from where no one usually gets to see.

UFC Fight Pass: this is the place where people can watch Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) matches online. It shows UFC events live or you can watch them later, and also has things you can’t see anywhere else. UFC Fight Pass lets you watch a lot of old fights, TV shows, and movies about MMA.

FloSports: allows users to watch sports that don’t usually get shown on TV. This talks about a lot of different sports such as wrestling, running, doing tricks on bars, riding bikes, playing basketball, and others. FloSports shows sports events and games live on the internet. You can also watch them later whenever you want. They have special things you can’t find anywhere else. People who love sports will enjoy it.

beIN SPORTS: offers live and recorded sports like soccer, car racing, and tennis to people around the world. You can watch important soccer games from different countries and leagues, like La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, and the UEFA Champions League. beIN SPORTS has shows where they talk about sports, show exciting moments, and create their own content.

DAZN: allows users to watch sports like boxing, MMA, and soccer live or at any time they want. It lets you watch big events and contests from all over the world, like some boxing matches that can’t be seen anywhere else. DAZN gives you the choice to subscribe monthly or yearly.

ESPN3: offers live sports and shows for free. It talks about college sports like football, basketball, and other NCAA tournaments. People who pay for internet or TV can access ESPN3 if their provider offers it.

NBC Olympics: is a streaming service that covers everything that happens during the Olympics. You can watch the Olympics live here. They show everything like the opening and closing ceremonies, medal presentations, and important moments. NBC Olympics helps users keep track of their favorite athletes and countries during the Games.

Red Bull TV: allows users to watch videos of people doing exciting activities like extreme sports and adventures. The website shows you events like Red Bull X-Fighters, Red Bull Crashed Ice, and Red Bull Rampage, both live and on-demand. Red Bull TV lets you watch exciting sports and interesting documentaries and shows. It’s a one-of-a-kind way to enjoy thrilling entertainment.

FloWrestling: concentrates on the sport of wrestling. You can watch wrestling matches from all over the world, from the big championships to smaller tournaments, in real time. FloWrestling has videos that teach wrestling moves, talk with wrestlers, and special features just for people who love wrestling.

Bleacher Report Live: is a streaming service that allows you to watch sports live and also watch sports videos when you want to. This includes many different types of sports like soccer, basketball, and wrestling. B/R Live lets you watch important sports matches like UEFA Champions League matches, NBA League Pass games, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) events, and other cool stuff you can’t see anywhere else.

These are some of the popular options for streaming sports in America. Make sure to look into and compare what each service offers, how much it costs, and what they have to offer for sports so you can find the one that’s best for you.

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