Modern applications and services are developing towards expanding their capabilities. Gem4me platform — is an application for communication in the format of an ecosystem. Its developers are regularly introducing new capabilities for the users. Many of such capabilities are unique to the application, which is why it is best to learn about them personally while in the process of using the services. It is simply enough to download the application and register in it for free. Moreover, there are numerous reasons to do so today, while you will see 10 of the main ones listed below. 

Advantages of an ecosystem in one application 

Joining the Gem4me platform — is an opportunity to receive all the capabilities of a communication ecosystem: numerous services available in one application, a general account for all the services and the convenience of a unified communication environment. Gem4me offers the ability to switch between the messenger, information channels and a marketplace by simply switching between the internal section of the platform.  

Voice message transcription

Free voice message transcription is an important advantage of the Gem4me platform. More and more users are utilizing voice messages in their daily communication; hence, given the demand, developers offer users with services for transforming voice into text for providing utmost convenience when such messages are received. By far, not all messengers and social networks offer such a feature. One of such examples is transcription of voice messages as part of a paid premium subscription in Telegram. On the contrary, Gem4me offers this feature free of charge. Users are able to transcribe voice messages they receive to English or Russian languages, as well as, translate the text to one of the 17 languages supported by the built-in translator thereafter.

Platform for bloggers

Additionally, Gem4me offers the option of subscribing to numerous channels discussing a wide range of topics, as well as, hosting own public channel. Developers created the required compilation of services for bloggers, all of which can be used free of charge. Moreover, the application offers a built-in article editor, in which users can prepare their texts for publishing, users can also enjoy receiving donations from their subscribers commission free. Furthermore, monetization of content will soon become possible with the help of the internal advertising platform.

Ease of launching an online store  

The MarketSpace marketplace is convenient for both buyers and sellers. It is simply enough to register a business account in a few easy steps with no excess complications in order to launch one’s business on the platform. Once done, products and services can be offered to an international audience of the platform. 

In addition, buyers have a truly wide selection of products. Gem4me’s online store offers products and services of a wide variety — from household appliances and makeup to therapy sessions or translation services. All of the numerous offerings are conveniently structured by thematic widgets. 

Free video conferences  

A free video conference that will not abruptly end after 40 minutes, as it happens in Zoom, — is yet another unique capability of Gem4me platform. Despite the fact that restrictions introduced during the pandemic are mostly lifted, people maintained the habit of solving numerous notions on a remote basis. Video conferences are the go-to tool in this regard. It is truly inconvenient to receive notifications of the system about to abruptly end an important meeting that is currently ongoing. On the other hand, such a scenario does not occur in Gem4me. Moreover, the platform practically has no limitations on the amount of participants in a video call — up to 1000 participants can join a meeting simultaneously. 

Absence of limits 

Gem4me developers had never set any limits or restrictions neither on the size of files being transferred, nor on the speed of file transfers. In comparison — having purchased the paid subscription with Telegram Premium the maximum file size for transfers then increases to 4GB, while the restriction on sizes of files does not get fully lifted, contrary to Gem4me platform.

All users are equal

Moreover, all Gem4me users have equal access to all of the services on the platform. Regardless of what services a person uses mostly — whether it is the messenger, hosting a blog, selling products or services or all of them at once. There are no technical limitations for any of the users either, including the lack of restrictions for users from various countries. Additionally, the service also does not divide users by premium or general categories in order to not create excessive obstacles during communication by all of the users of the ecosystem. 

Everything is free

Amongst modern services, not many can confidently state that all of their services and features offered to users are free of charge. This applies to hosting a blog, or commercial activity on a marketplace. Gem4me does not charge any fees even for the services that are offered for a fee on other platforms, for instance, voice message transcription. On the contrary, the service is aimed to make its use convenient and profitable for users — bloggers can receive donations commission free and monetize their public channels, while entrepreneurs can earn profits by means of a broad international user base of the marketplace. 

Regular updates

Gem4me provides its audience with regular updates and new features. Such crucial  updates as a news feed in blogs with individual recommendations based on user preferences, the ability to leave comments in public channels and chats, a service for sending donations to bloggers and many others were introduced just over the course of this year. Development of new services continues at this time, as developers continue to amaze Gem4me users. 

Attention towards user opinions

Gem4me developers were highly attentive towards user feedback from the very beginning. Having received information regarding user needs and urgent trends of modern day, developers were striving to introduce appropriate features to the application as quickly as possible. Moreover, reviews by users depict that their needs are being met. As the result, comments of gratitude for introducing useful functionality are quite frequent. 

Certainly, these are not all of the convenient features of Gem4me, by far. Each user can find out more by downloading the platform and registering on it, as the aforementioned features are more than sufficient for doing so.  

Richard is an experienced tech journalist and blogger who is passionate about new and emerging technologies. He provides insightful and engaging content for Connection Cafe and is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments.