Many new Android apps have been launched in the past year, and some of them you just don’t want to be without. There are numerous Android apps to help you get to appointments on time, stay abreast of developing weather events, help pay your bills, read the news, alert you of road conditions, keep on top of family events, and some to just entertain you. Put your phone to work for you behind the scenes as you go about your daily activities.


Feedly brings you the latest news and articles presented in a magazine format. You can read all of your favorite publications, including newspapers, industry journals, favorite blogs, and subscribed YouTube channels, and you can set up key word alerts to monitor special reports. Feedly also has business uses which provide you with secure access to company materials, content managements systems, and SaaS applications. Find all the information you need to research your products and competition.


Google Drive

Everyone needs a safe place to store their documents and photographs. Google Drive gives you storage space and the ability to access your files from any device, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. With 15 GB of free online storage, you can store all your important videos, audio recordings, writings, photographs, recipes, craft ideas, and anything else that you want to upload. You can quickly and safely share your stored documents, photographs, and other materials with friends and family without the need of an email attachment.

Inbox by Gmail

You won’t hate your email after you download Gmail’s Inbox app. Your email inbox is neatly organized by promotions, purchases, trips, and other categories (called bundles) that are important to you. When you are traveling you can keep updated with reservation details, flight status, and gate changes without opening your mail. Post reminders to keep you on top of your busy schedule in your to-do section. There is no need to worry about remembering important birthdays, anniversaries, work appointments, and other events you can’t afford to forget, because Inbox will notify you in plenty of time.


Weather Live

It’s easy to make plans for upcoming events with Weather Live. You can learn more about what’s happening weather-wise in your area when you install this free app. Radar maps show you where the bad weather is happening and how close it is to your location. Do you need to take an umbrella an raincoat to work? Should your children wear mittens, scarves, and boots? Weather live provides you with current temperatures and weather conditions, as well as expected highs and lows. You can also check anticipated weather for a full week in advance, and that helps you plan your wardrobe and upcoming outings.

Personal apps can make your life easier every day, whether you use them for work or social purposes. Download any or all of these apps to take advantage of the full power of your smartphone and other Android devices.

Lilly Pearce is a techy mom who can sometimes even outsmart her kids when it comes to tech, though she’s not sure how long she can keep it up! She writes about tech, safety and parenting in her online articles.